Bein in a different country Day 4

A visit to Baker Street via tube (gotta love the Oyster card😁) resulted in a crossover o’ sorts as I stepped into a souvenir shop on the street famous for bein the home to Sherlock Holmes an’ stumbled into a blue box, the TARDIS, at its entrance! Made my day! 💙
What further made my day was a visit to Madame Tussauds as I posed with my fav stars (not the real deal. Just wax statues, but still…yay! 😛), includin with one o’ my fav Brits- Lady Di: absolutely amazin an’ beautiful, even in wax form!💕 Hung out with the Queen an’ fly…Alas, just wax statues! Oh! Speakin o’ the Queen, also had a bit o’ a fling with the frontman o’ the band, Queen– Mr. Mercury himself! 🎸

A tribute to the man himself at the Baker Street tube station

The blue box: TARDIS at Baker Street

I am currently jotting all this down in this notebook that I picked up from the shop mentioned above, located right next to the Sherlock Holmes statue. Notice the Daleks? :


Me guardin the TARDIS till the Doctor returns😁;)💙

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