Bein in a different country Day 2

Woke up to the smell o’ bacon, eggs, toast an’ beans. Spent a sunny day at Buckingham Palace. Found my way there by means o’ tube an’ a simple GPS system that I call: Following the crowd o’ tourists! Works every time!
Witnessed the changing o’ guards before droppin in at the gift shop for souvenirs (like an uber cool, purple phone case ft the Queen’s beloved pet doggy- the cute corgi) The shopping spree didn’t end here, as I headed to Oxford Street for more. An’ a trip to London isn’t complete without indulgin in fish n chips- Yum! Slurp! 😋

A series of Changing o’ Guards photos ft the musical and marching talents of Her Majesty’s finest, red-clothed guards:





The royal corgi phone cover from the souvenir shop:


Shop till you drop at Oxford Street:


Fish n chips that’ll make yer mouth water! 👇



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