Bein in a different country Day 1

A/N: Shall be takin time off updatin Vigilante in love! to write about an’ tell y’all bout my holiday in London. A gorgeous city with strong-willed people who tend to go strong even after the traumatizing terror attacks. On with their plays, their street dancing, their comic cons an’ guided Harry Potter set tours, their runnin up an’ down the  escalators (a feat I hope to accomplish someday!😁) as they hurry to catch the tube, etc, etc. Long live the resilience o’ the Brits!💞

I hope y’all don’t mind me stoppin postin chapters abruptly an’ hope y’all enjoy readin about my experience in this marvellous city an’ in the equally gorgeous Scottish city o’ Edinburgh (only a train ride away)

Landed at Heathrow 2 long flights later. Hired a cab driven by lovely ol chap named Bob (Robert, to his pals) and read my newly acquired Doctor Who magazine (bought from the lil shop at the airport) on the cab ride to Ilford. Along the way, I felt compelled to take in the scenic beauty: The green fields, cottages and orchards as far as the eye can see. All that was soon replaced by the footpaths and multi-cuisine restaurants of Ilford. Jetlagged and craving somethin other than bland airplane food, we lunched at a quaint, Romanian restaurant before hitting the sack.

A few photos I clicked in my jetlagged state:

A starving face at La Mama acasa, the Romanian restaurant
Green fields and orchards before we hit concrete streets
Believe it or not, it is 9 pm an' still daylight outta my hotel room window!
The DW magazine I can't stop braggin bout!

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