Nick got off the bus, searching around for him, when he was suddenly tackled to the ground by one of the policemen. He was taken aback as he felt the cold metal of the handcuffs clamp down on his skin. He tried to say something, but was cut off by the man of the law who began to read him his rights before he was whisked off to the station.
“We suspect your brother’s an accomplice of the criminal known as Edward Ash. He’s the nightmare of London, been keeping us on our heels for the past few years. He’s looted numerous banks, always vanishes right before our eyes when we attempt to catch him an’ today we both followed your brother and the accused onto a bus as they were escaping with their loot! ” the inspector accused. “Yeah, right! You followed him onto the bus!” Nick scoffed, reminding him that he was the only one who’d climbed into the bus while the policemen had only chased it down the street. “An’ you’re accusin my brother based on the fact that he probably, unknowingly boarded a bus with a criminal on it…? ” she asked, narrowing her eyes at the policeman who was throwing accusations at her beloved Nick. “He was also chasin after the accused…as if catching up with him.” the inspector continued. “I was tryin to catch the bus. I wasn’t gonna miss the bus! I…uh, I had to get somewhere quickly! ” Nick lied, not wanting to give away the real reason for chasing Edward. There was a silence as the inspector pondered over his explanation, staring at Nick suspiciously the whole time. “Alright, I’ve had it! Arrestin innocent shoppers on the street…What has law enforcement in the UK come to?! Now, you’re gonna let my brother go….or I’m complainin to your commissioner, ya hear?! ” his dramatic sister yelled, putting an end to the silence. “I s’posse we’ll have to let him go anyway, ma’am. Lack of sufficient evidence. But, we’ll be keepin an eye on him.” the inspector declared in a serious tone, taken aback by her sudden outburst. Nick heaved a sigh of relief, but he still wasn’t out of danger, as his next ordeal began as the siblings walked home from the police station.
“So… I guess ya can achieve anythin in this world by yellin an’ screamin an’ bein a total drama queen, eh? ” Nick quipped, teasing her about her overdramatic behaviour. “Ya lost the right to talk to me when ya abandoned me at the shops today, deserter! ” she interrupted, angered by his behavior. “I didn’t abandon….” he began to defend himself. “Ya broke the Sis code! ” she interrupted, glaring at him with a look of betrayal in her blue eyes. “That’s made up! Now, I’m sorry if I didn’t inform ya before takin off like that, but I’ve never heard of this Sis code! ” he apologized. “Gay or straight, ya never leave your sister at the shops by herself to pursue some unknown fella down the street like that! ” she scolded. “Kay. It won’t happen again, kay? ” he promised,  apologetically. “Gosh! I’m gonna go grey worryin bout ya! ” she whispered jokingly, tearfully hugging him.

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