Dear annoying parents….

Sorry to take time out to rant, but my parents have been annoyin me by pushing me into something I’ve no interest in- a career in law. My only love is literature, theatre and languages an’ I could care less about lawyers, debates and arguing in court.  So, dear parents, if you’re reading this, stop pushing your kids into stuff! You probably mean well, but let em pursue a career they’ve an interest in instead of pushing them into following their footsteps. Also, quit comparing your kids’ IQs, grades, etc, etc. with that of others cuz that’s shitty an’ your kids aren’t gonna get anywhere in life an’ are just gonna get confused about their future path if you do that. P.S. I don’t want to follow in anyone’s footsteps an’ wanna do my own thing. An’ I don’t bloody care if I’ve to go through hell to achieve my dream, I’m not turning back or changing my dream just to pursue yours. Just cuz your classmates’ kids end up becoming doctors, don’t expect me to be one as well. That may be their dream, but it isn’t mine…so, don’t try to push me into that either, folks!  Dear parents, I know you’re gonna feel disappointed and feel like the whole world’s (read: the judgemental society) gonna laugh if I fail, but I don’t bloody care cuz it’s my career an’ I’m gonna be disappointed as well if I fail too. But, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up on my dream. I’m gonna keep pursuing my passion an’ my interest an’ I know I’ll achieve something on my own. Even if you think the degree I pursue is not worth pursuing, I’ll prove you wrong by  standing on my own two feet instead of building on your dreams like my siblings have. Because that is what I want to do and what I want to be. An’ by the way, every person is different and unique, so quit comparing…it’s idiotic and a waste of time and doesn’t provide your child with the  opportunity to dream big or explore his/her talent.
A/N: More chapters to Vigilante in love! coming up later, cuz I can’t an’ won’t stop writing cuz that’s my dream: writing and publishing till I see my stories on every shelf an’ magazine, possibly also on the big screen or stage or telly. Buh-bye for now an’ thanks for reading an’ being the only ones who’ve encouraged my writing:)


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