“C’mon! Up an’ at em! We’re goin out! ” he was woken up by excited cries from his sister who shook him awake, upsetting his wound in the process. “Ow! What’s the hurry?! I’m still hurtin from last night, ya know? ” he complained in an annoyed tone, clutching at his throbbing arm as he spoke. “Oh, please…It’s just a flesh wound! A gift from your boyfriend! ” Emma teased. “He’s not my boyfriend! ” he muttered, groaning as he rolled out of bed. “Where’re we goin anyway? ” a drowsy Nick enquired, stifling a yawn. “To the shops, of course! We’ve got a whole day to ourselves an’ there’s a sale. I like it when ya tag along cuz ya have good taste in clothes. I guess all gay men do, eh? Isn’t that why most of em end up as fashion designers? ” she quipped, picking up her handbag as she spoke. “Oi! That’s offensive towards us! Besides…I’ve the best taste in clothes! ” he corrected, with a goofy grin. He never let her know it, but he enjoyed going shopping with her! He had his arms full with shopping bags by that afternoon.
He was waiting outside the shoe store for her when he caught a glimpse of the man from the night before. He seemed to be up to no good, as he mixed in with the crowd with that familiar look of suspicion and alertness on his face. He clutched a duffle bag in his hand, walking hurriedly as he tried to dodge the policemen following him. He began to run as they began to catch up to him. Feeling the sense of duty within, the vigilante of London decided to help, feeling about in his pocket for his mask…and realizing he’d forgotten it at home! Fortunately, they’d been out shopping for party hats, decorations and stuff for their club’s Valentine’s day masquerade ball and he had to make do with a glittery Venetian mask.
He squeezed between parked cars and narrow alleys till he finally caught sight of the panting man backed up against a brick wall in one such alley. He watched curiously as he attempted to fidget with a slick purple box attached to his leather belt, muttering cusses as he appeared to fix the device. “So, what’re ya up to now? Lemme guess…Daylight robbery….? ” Nick made his presence felt. “ Yer the nosy fella from last night, arentcha? Nice getup! Diggin the mask, by the way! Is that what all the vigilantes are wearin nowadays…or are ya tryin to set a trend? ” he mocked, looking up in surprise. “You’re one to talk, Mr. I’ve been wearin the same ol trench coat since last night! ” Nick retorted, feigning hurt although he really found the man’s sarcasm and mocking tone enticing and sexy! “I’d say the same about yer corduroy trousers – ill fittin an’ tacky!” the snarky man was quick with a comeback. I like me a man with a fashion sense! Nick thought to himself, gazing dreamily at his crush. “Love to stay an’ chat but…oh,bollocks! ” the man snapped him back to reality, widening his eyes in horror as he saw the policemen making their way towards them and made a run for it. He hopped onto a double-decker passing by, standing in a corner and continuing to fidget with the purple box. He had a scornful look as he noticed Nick follow suit. He hopped off the bus quickly and onto the busy road. He had a wide grin on his face as the box finally began to glow, emitting a bright purple light. “Look out! ” Nick cried out, as a car sped towards him. “Buh-bye, now! ” were the last words from the toothily grinning man, before he was covered in the blinding purple light. Nick looked around, his eyesight still blurry, but there was no mistaking it….The mysterious man had simply vanished!

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