When he finally came to, he finally got the opportunity to see the stars he’d been longing to see, albeit not in the sky. They appeared to be floating about his head and disappeared only when he blinked his dazed eyes. He clutched at his bloody arm, at the spot where the bullet had, fortunately, just grazed him. He climbed out of the bin, covered in garbage and began to walk back to the club. He stopped outside the club and looked back at the roof of the building to see if the handsome criminal was still there, but there was no sign of him.
He let out a surprised yelp as a crowd  of chatty, drunk partiers pushed past him, on their way to wherever as it was past the club’s closing time. The jumpy fella let out yet another yelp as he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Where in the bloody hell did ya go off to?! Bobby said ya ran off to save a life or somethin! I was bloody worried that ya ran off without informin me! ” his worrywort sister scolded. “Relax! I’m perfectly fine, aren’t I? ” he tried to calm her down. “No, you’re not! You’re perfectly stinky, an’ you’ve got banana peels an’ fish tails stickin outta ya….an’ you’re….Good Lord! Your arm’s gushin blood! Why is your arm gushin blood?! ” his alarmed sister demanded to know, her blue eyes widening in fright as she didn’t wait for a reply, quickly and carefully leading him up the stairs to their apartment above the club in order to patch him up. She was a certified nurse, but she’d dropped everything after their parents’ death to run their club full-time.
“D’you think it’s safe for ya out there anymore?” a concerned Emma whispered, plumping up a pillow for him to lean on once he’d narrated to her what had happened. “I know what you’re gonna suggest an’ you can put it outta your head right now. I’ve been London’s protector for the past twenty years an’ I’m not stoppin now! ” he protested against it. “I’m just sayin, you’re pushin forty. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest. It doesn’t pay the bills either.” she advised, before spraying the room with air freshener and opening the window to air out the stench of rotten garbage that her precious brother had brought home and which hadn’t left him even after two showers! He remembered the bright, blinding purple light as the purple light from their neon sign shone in through the window and lit up the dark apartment. He wondered what it was and pondered over what mysterious source might’ve emitted it and then he found himself worrying about the sudden disappearance of the man on the roof . He decided not to give it much more thought since he felt his eyes becoming weary. Nighty-night, vigilante! Nick imagined hearing the man whisper in his ear in that hot an’ gruff voice with that Scottish accent of his, as he dozed off.


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