Dedicated to the LGBT community who’re still forced to hide their love away.

Cover page
Nick and Edward: A match made in God knows where!

Adam Garcia as Nick Qantas, the vigilante of London
David Tennant as Edward Ash, the villain who makes Nick go weak in the knees
Emily Blunt as Emma Qantas, Nick’s sister

It was a busy night at his sister’s club cum apartment. Nick was worn out from stamping on hand stamps onto clubbers’ hands and tackling unruly partiers. He preferred vigilante over bouncer. He grumbled that he couldn’t use his Jeet Kune Do at the club, not unless it was attacked by ninjas! He let out a sigh as he looked up at a sky devoid of stars and a night devoid of crime…or so he thought!
He turned his attention towards the man on the roof of the nearby building. Where’d he come from? Nick thought to himself on noticing him. He knew why he was up there though. He was on the edge of the roof with a look of despair on his face. Nick pictured his high school self with that same look as he contemplated suicide to escape the bullies. They’d been tough on him when he’d come out, so he’d decided to toughen himself up. He watched as the mysterious man’s desperate eyes darted quickly as if determining whether he was being watched and making sure he was alone. Nick wasn’t going to let this man take the extreme step. “Oi, Bobby! Take care of the crowd, kay? I’ve gotta save a life! ” he called out before running off, leaving his fellow bouncer behind with a befuddled look on his face.
However when he finally arrived on the roof , the man had stepped away from the edge. “Oh, good! Ya changed your mind. C’mon, let’s get ya away from here, mate…” he heaved a sigh of relief, reaching out to grab his arm to lead him away. “Let go o’ me! Who in the world are ya?! ” the bitter man sputtered angrily, pulling his hand away. “I’m the vigilante of London! An’ I never fail to save a life! ” he declared in a brave manner. “The…what?! Ya actually call yerself that?! ” the man scoffed at his saviour, letting out a chuckle on hearing him. “Yeah, I do. Now, I won’t have a jumper…not on my watch! ” he exclaimed in a determined manner, waving off the insult of the lanky man. Not such a handsome jumper, anyway! Nick found himself thinking, gazing lustfully at the stubbled, sharp tongued man with the bad boy attitude that he found tempting. “Jumper,my arse! Some vigilante ya are! What, I’m s’possed to be scared o’ ya?! ” the smirking man mocked, snapping him back into reality. Nick shot him a confused look. It wasn’t until the boastful man kicked at the bulging duffle bag at his feet with a proud, toothy grin and he heard the sirens of police cars approaching that Nick realized who the jumper really was. He inched back towards the edge of the roof as the criminal moved closer to him with a devious grin as he reached into the pocket of his coat. “Well, I can’t let ya escape with the loot since it is my duty…” Nick began, feeling his sense of duty kick in. “Bup-bup-bup… Stop right there! Ya, with yer zipped up leather jacket an’ Lone Ranger mask, yer gonna stop me?! I’d like to see ya try! No…scratch that…I’d like to see ya die! Think fast, vigilante! ” the wicked man insulted, rolling his eyes at him before whipping out a gun and pulling the trigger. The last thing that Nick saw as he fell off the building was a blinding flash of  purple light.

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