The termites: They came, they ate, they conquered! 😈

Just a funny poem I was inspired to write after a massive outbreak of termites at home. They’re everywhere! Invaded my bookshelf, study table an’ a wooden bust o’ Cleopatra too! 😅

Hey, hullo! They call me Mr. Termite,
An’ together with my colony, I love to give the humans a fright!
White ants they call us, although I find that racist,
An’ I hate it when they interrupt us and try to get rid of us as we feast!
Redwood or teak, everythin we devour,
An’ if we’re extremely hungry, we’ll go through an entire furniture store!
Hell! We won’t even spare the door!
Then they come with that strong smelling pesticide stuff, which they spray all o’er the wood,
What’s the deal with these bloody humans? We don’t try to poison their food!

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