A/N: Alas! This is the last chapter. Thank you all so much for reading this trilogy. God bless an’ stay tuned for my next one, a love story between a homosexual vigilante and the villainous man he falls for, titled Vigilante in love! Hope y’all read,like an’ tell your friends…an’ enemies as well! ūüôā

Song choice for this chapter: Feels like Summer by Weezer

Welcome back, time machine!

New, blue time machine

“I’m playin football with the local lads. They’ve been ecstatic ever since they got their ol football field fixed. It was all cracked up due to all the earthquakes an’ full o’ sinkholes, till Jefferson patched it up for em. They were so ecstatic, they invited us o’er for a friendly match. I’m sooo gonna kick their arses! ” Matt (who had football fever) exclaimed, excitedly hopping from one kneepad-clad foot to the other. “Sorry. I’m helpin out. Holdin the spanners. What a fun word, eh? Spanners! Just rolls right off the…” Martin excused himself, only to be interrupted by a sudden, joyous Eureka! “I’ve done it! ” Kelly exclaimed, dancing around in her greasy overalls. “Ya fixed it? ” he asked, jumping up in surprise. “Can ya believe it? The influx adaptor wasn’t even broken! I was most worried bout that. That’s the most important part…but it wasn’t even broken! ” she cried out, victoriosly pumping up her fist while everyone looked on in amusement. “I not only fixed it…I modified it! ” she revealed, as they followed her for a look of the new time machine. And, boy! Was it new! It was no longer an antique-looking grandfather clock. It had a glossy, blue, wooden exterior, instead of the glass one…an’ it was much more spacious on the inside than the old one. Gone were the micro-scanners too. Touchscreen monitors and a keyboard in their place. “So, ya just type in the destination an’ the date an’ we’re all set to go, eh? Brilliant! Utterly brilliant! I knew ya had it in ya! ” Martin praised, impressed by her accomplishment.
“Congratulations on fixin the time machine an’ all, but ya know what’s even more brilliant, Kel? Beatin the Brazilians at their own game! ” Matt interrupted, impatiently. “Way to ruin my moment! Although, one game before we leave wouldn’t hurt.” Kelly seconded. “Now, love, d’you remember what I taught ya? Aim for the goalposts, not the goalie.” Martin cautioned his wife, a newbie to the sport. “You’re goin down, by the way! Downtown! ” Alice threatened, appearing to sound tough. “Oh, we’ll see about that, garotinha! ” Gina muttered mockingly, while an amused Billie and Deirdre snickered at their tough talk. “I should warn ya though, Jenny an’ Livvy ere are biters…an’ they tend to go for the legs! ” Martin warned, as they headed for the football field.
                    The end


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