Cheering up Kelly

Ya bastard! Ya killed my baby…! That stupid spider of yours crushed my life’s work! ” she screamed, as the cops rushed over, pulling her off Raleigh before she could take his life! “Oi! Hands off the wife! Believe me, ya don’t wanna be around er when she flies into a rage! I probably shouldn’t have taught er the B-word! ” Martin cautioned, as he held onto her to prevent her from pursuing the man who’d destroyed half of Brazil and her time machine! “He killed my baby, Martin! ” she sobbed, burying her tearful face into his jacket as she spoke. “’s gonna be alright, love. All we need is some Madonna.” he suggested comfortingly, caressing her hair as he hugged her. “No amount of Madonna can fix this! ” she muttered, as he handed her a hanky to wipe her tears. “Sorry to kick ya when you’re down…but, we still haven’t fixed them! ” Billie cried out, as Matt, Alice, Jefferson and Gia (who were still under the influence of the mind control devices) inched closer.
“Well, I found this device on that blonde over there. D’you think I should press this button here? Maybe it’ll stop em. ” a curious Ricardo guessed as he raised the remote control in his hand, gesturing to Madeleine (who was being bundled into the backseat of the police car along with a scowling Raleigh and an embarrassed Anita) as he spoke. He decided to go for it, eliciting moans from the group who immediately stopped, as if waking up from a trance. “Ow! I felt like someone scrambled my brain…! ” Alice groaned. “I feel like someone played football with mine! ” Matt muttered, rubbing his throbbing head. “My brain feels like carne moída…mincemeat! You could make a mince pie outta it! ” a freaked out Gia cried out, while Jefferson agreed with her. “Aye…Yer gonna need some serious dental work too! ” Martin advised, as they rubbed their jaws in pain. “I’m glad you guys are ok…but, I need to get away from here. I need to get back to the hotel. I can’t bear to see that wreckage.” a distraught Kelly muttered, unable to even welcome them back properly.
“You feelin better, love?” Martin enquired, gently squeezing her hand as he sat beside her on the edge of the bed. “A bit. Just needed a bubble bath to cool off, I guess.” she replied, resting her head on his shoulder as she spoke. “Yer not the only one who’s got a reason to be mad, ya know? Gia’s still a bit pissed bout missin out on makin er big, environmental speech from atop the float. Anyway, I’ve been talkin to the hotel staff. Since they were able to build that giant floral travesty, I think they’ll be able to give ya a hand rebuildin the time machine.” he whispered. “It won’t work. I dunno if the mechanism’s still gonna work, if the capacitor still runs…I just can’t up an’ build another time machine! ” she cried out in exasperation. “Oi, ya can’t give up. I know with all that sciency wiency stuff knockin up there in that wondrous noggin o’ yers, ya can build a million time machines, love! We can stay ere awhile, till yer done buildin it. Besides, they’re hailin us heroes now, so we can stay ere as long as we like…” he egged her on, as he wrapped his arm around her and planted a kiss atop her head. That cheered her up as she looked up at him with a sunshiny smile. “Can’t believe ya took a soak without me.” he complained, pouting jokingly and eliciting a playful jab from her. “Well, you’ll have to wait your turn, since the girls are floodin the bathroom right now. Oh…Martin, what would I do without ya? ” she mumbled, cozying up to him as they shared a passionate kiss. “I dunno…you’d probably be a lost clone,desperately in need o’ anger management classes ….” he teased, grinning toothily and deepening the kiss, before they were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door swinging open. “…An’ no way to survive these lil lunatics!” he finished his sentence with a snicker, just as the giggling girls (who were clad in fuzzy bathrobes and covered in suds from head to toe) leapt onto the bed and into his arms. “Alright, that’s it! Ya asked for it…” he exclaimed, as they mischievously shook their wet hair in his face, before squirming outta his embrace and running around the room as he chased after them. Peals of laughter filled the room as a pillow fight ensued!

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