A picnic spot’s story 💚

A poem dedicated to all the picnic spots which serve as places of leisure, but in the end are treated as places to litter. Please do keep your surroundings clean and green. Clean up after a nice, relaxin day by the sea and don’t leave behind your used plastic plates and cups as they might end up polluting the ocean if left behind🌞:

Every Sunday or whenever they are free,
I see em with their lunch baskets as they visit me.
I’m the best spot there is, surrounded by sea and rocks
An’ a decent amount of trees from which they’ll hang their hammocks.
Quite popular I am among these people called tourists
As they find me hard to resist!
They roll out their mats an’ do as they please
Eat, drink, enjoy…And the air around is filled with their yays and yipees!
And then they leave-the young, the old, the whole family
I’ll miss their shouts of glee.
But, I know, on another holiday, they shall arrive again,
Till then, their memories, consisting of strewn rubbish, the food wrappers and empty beer bottles shall remain!

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