A wedding tradition involving coconut milk and more!

So, tonight, I witnessed a ros ceremony for the first time in all my life as a Goan. I’m pretty sure, kids my age in Goa have had their share of ros ceremonies o’er the years an’ I’m possibly the only Goan to attend one for the first time! I’ve only seen it once before on telly in a Konkani drama (tiatr in Konkani) But, I’m lucky to have partaken in this beautiful Goan tradition at least once.
For all those o’ y’all who aren’t familiar with this ceremony, it’s a traditional ceremony similar to the Hindu haldi ceremony where the bride and groom are bathed in turmeric (haldi). In this Catholic ceremony of ros though, it’s literally bathing the bride an’ groom in coconut milk (ros in Konkani) from head to toe before their big day. Sounds like a tedious job of showering and shampooing lies ahead, btw😅
Then, there’s a lil gathering at home an’ a celebration involving folk dances (the guests, both young an’ old are invited to join in and dance along with the dancers) and beautiful music is played on the ghumot (a type of drum made from monitor lizard skin) by musicians who also sing dhulpods (traditional Goan songs) to accompany the dancers who dance in time with the beats. Usually, the song and dance routine lasts all night, but unfortunately due to laws regarding the playing of loud music at late hours, it all came to an end early and culminated with a delicious feast consisting of pork, beef, rice and fish dishes along with a traditional coconut and lentil desert for all those present, including the dancers and musicians who really deserved an applause 👏

To know more, click below an’ have fun learnin more. G’night! đŸ™‚


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