Laser vs metal
“Yer gonna need somethin better than bullets. Bullets just deflect off those metal legs. Ere, use these! Cut right through! Pass em around…An’ be quick! There’s a good lad! ” Martin wasted no time in handing over the box of Apis along with instructions on using it to a policeman who cocked his head cluelessly, before getting to it. Soon, everyone, including the police, firemen and the public had an Api in hand to fight off the giant metal monsters. Everyone shot at the spiders- sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss. “Ya haven’t seen Billie anywhere, have ya? I don’t think she’d miss a good party.” Martin enquired on not noticing Billie and Deirdre anywhere, as he and Kelly stood back to back, tackling down the metal creatures who took a tumble each time they were hit by the lasers. “Look at you worryin bout her all of a sudden. You two have such an awful relationship. I specifically remember you callin her a mean version o’ Rose Tyler, an’ then she called you an ugly version o’ that bloke from Blackpool…whatever that means! ” Kelly recounted, looking back at his relationship with his ex. “Well, ya know, that’s just how we are…An’ I just don’t want er to be in any kind o’ trouble…considerin the giant spiders an’ all…” he began to worry. A shrill cry for help added to his worries, and the couple took off in the direction of the cry, dodging incoming lasers and severed metal legs as they did.
“Let go of her, ya twat! ” they heard Deirdre exclaim from somewhere atop the spider ,while Billie dangled from the creature’s metal pincers high above! “Why’d ya climb onto it, ya silly girl?! ” he cried out to Deirdre, as she tried to maintain her brave face while clinging onto the metal spider. “Never mind that now…Just get us down, please! ” Billie ordered, squirming frightfully. “One zap does it…! ” Kelly exclaimed, as she successfully hit the creature, bringing it down along with its occupant- The culprit behind it all, Raleigh himself! The coward began to run as soon as his feet touched the ground. Deirdre slid down with a look of relief…which immediately turned into a look of terror as Billie fell from a height as soon as the pincers released her!
Fortunately, she landed safely in Martin’s arms. “Well, arentcha glad I was there at the right place at the right time? ” he bragged, grinning toothily on seeing her safe and sound. “Hey! Ya got your teeth fixed! ” she mocked, unwrapping her arms from around his neck. “No, I didn’t! I got em broken…by my own wife, of all people! ” he muttered, with a frown. “I guess she beat me to it, eh? Ya look much better now! ” she insulted, with a wicked grin. “Ow! ” she cried out, scowling up at him as he let her go and she fell to the ground! “Well, that’s what ya get for not sayin thank you! ” he justified with a shrug. “I guess some things never change! ” Deirdre exclaimed on witnessing their childish fight, rolling her eyes as she helped her girlfriend to her feet. “Airhead!” Billie muttered under her breath, dusting off her jeans as she stood up. “Trollop.” he cussed, on hearing her. “Nutcase.” she was quick with a comeback. “Freakazoid! ” he retorted. “Ya bastard!” a familiar voice cussed aloud. “Oi! I was only joshin around when I said that. No need for that kinda language! ” he shot back , taken aback by the filthy language which he thought was directed at him. “It wasn’t me who said it…” Billie defended herself, pointing to Kelly who’d suddenly given chase to Raleigh as he ran for his life! “Ooh…she sounds mad! ” Martin (who’d never seen his wife so furious before) gulped, as she caught up to the evil man and administered a savage beating to him! He soon realised the reason for her rage. One of the metal legs had landed onto the time machine which was parked nearby, reducing it to a shardy mess!

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