Spiders on the streets!

Spiders on the streets

Cameo by Jake T. Austin as Ricardo, the bellhop/video game fanatic.
With Martin all sorted out, the couple decided to make their way past the debris of the buildings in the hope that their hotel was unscathed. Fortunately, it was out of harm’s way and so were the occupants, who’d gathered outside on hearing the commotion. They hugged their kids who seemed rattled but unhurt. “Did ya see this? Spiders taking over the streets of Rio! Half the hotel staff’s right there with our float, participating in the parade.” Ricardo, a young bellhop exclaimed in alarm, looking up from the news channel playing on his phone screen. “They’re crushin everythin in their paths! We’ve gotta get there an’ stop em! Those are our friends an’ family behind the controls…An’ those poor, frightened people on the streets…! ” a determined Kelly declared. “How d’you s’posse we do that? ” Martin enquired, watching into the distance as smoke billowed from fallen buildings and people ran about frantically. “Same way I did before. With my trusty laser! We’re gonna need lots more though. I’ve got a whole box of these beauties in the time machine.” she explained, gesturing to the Api. An‘ we can use the time machine to get there in no time at all! Kelly O’Reilly, ya are a brilliant person…Just brilliant! ” her proud husband praised, grinning toothily as he agreed with the plan. “Tell me somethin I don’t know.” she muttered, boastfully.
“Can I come? They wouldn’t allow me onto the float cuz of my fear of heights and being run over by giant vehicles decked out with flowers…And I’d like to help out. Feel useful, ya know? I mean, as long as it doesn’t involve jumping off tall stuff, I think I can shoot at stuff with lasers….Given my expertise at shooting stuff in video games! ” an eager Ricardo offered. “Sure. Ere’s how it works, just point and shoot, lad.” Martin instructed. “Point…and shoot…oops! Desculpa! I’m just polishing my laser shooting skills! ” the young man called out apologetically, as he accidentally shot at a tourist! “What about us? Can we come too?! ” the enthusiastic kids cried out. “How about, instead, you little ones take turns playing with my video games? They’re stashed away in the basement and some of em are vintage, so be careful, kay? This is between us, so don’t tell on me, kay? ” Ricardo made them promise with a friendly smile, as he handed over the keys to the hotel basement to the kids, while their mum shot daggers at him for doing so! “Love, ya can unleash yer wrath at him later. Let’s just handle this first, eh? ” Martin reminded on noticing her scowling at the bellhop. “Right-o! Let’s get a move on. Avante! ” Ricardo declared excitedly, as Kelly quickly led the way.



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