A/N: Now, now…where we’re we? Oh, right! Giant metallic spiders!

Spiders on the surface

Kelly, who was impatiently waiting for her husband and the others to turn up, jumped up on hearing the rumble of the ground beneath her feet. She watched in astonishment as the earth opened up and a large metal creature with 8 spindly, metallic legs emerged from underground. More such creatures followed soon after, making a terrible clanging noise and shaking the ground as they clomped about. She wondered what they were, but she knew for certain they weren’t floats for the parade as they picked up pace, crushing everything from a parked car to a tree that stood in their way as they made their way towards the main road. She wanted to follow them, but was stopped by one of the creatures as it barred her way.
Oh, no! ” she yelped, as it struck her with its heavy leg and threw her to the ground, before proceeding to lift its leg to stomp on her and crush her to death. “Oh, no…Ya don’t! ” the brave woman cried out, thinking fast as she reached for her Api and shot its leg off with a laser beam. She rolled away as the severed leg landed on the ground, but she wasn’t finished with it. She aimed and shot at it, till the unsteady creature fell to the ground. Her victorious smile turned into a look of disbelief as she saw the lanky man climb out from behind the controls of the fallen creature. “Love, are ya ok? Wait…what were you doin on that thing? Actually…what is that blasted thing…those things?! ” she enquired, with a shudder. “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…you ask so many bloody questions, dontcha?” he grunted, inching closer to her with an icy look in her eyes. “What…? Is this a joke? ” she demanded to know, backing away frightfully. “You wish.” was the reply, before he took her by surprise, digging his nails into her neck as he grabbed her by the throat. She thrashed about as he lifted her off the ground. She was quick to kick her way out of his grip as she landed a swift one to his knee. “You’re off your rocker! ” she cried out, not giving him a chance to recover as she remembered her self defense classes and punched him in the face, knocking out a tooth in the process!
“I dunno what or who ya are, but you’re definitely not my husband! D’you want some more, huh?! ” she yelled, raising up her fists as he came to. “What’re ya, daft?! I am yer husband! An’, no, I do not want more o’ that! Why would ya do that in the first place?! That hurt! ” a terrified and confused Martin cried out in pain, covering his bloody mouth with one hand as he stood up. “You seriously don’t remember tryin to strangle me just a few minutes ago? You were astride on that bloody monster over there. What exactly happened to ya down there?” she reminded, pointing to the mangled mess behind him. “There’s yer answer right there.” he struggled to speak with his mouth full of blood, pointing to his bloody tooth lying at her feet. “Why’s it beepin an’ glowin for some reason? Looks like there’s a microchip attached to it…” she muttered, examining it closely. “The mind control device! ” he exclaimed, remembering Raleigh’s sickening experiment. “Mind control….? Like in Jessica Jones? That man actually controls people with this device. That’s just evil! ” she protested against it, once he was done explaning.


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