Apologies! 😁

Allô-allô! I hope y’all remember me! I haven’t been around lately cuz I’ve been trackin down colleges for admission. At first, it was med school, but I totally blew my entrance exam. Blame it on the lack of interest in the subjects (physics, chem, bio), a fear o’ hospitals, blood an’ catching some infectious disease from a patient or insomnia from all the staying up late!
Then, it was law. I took an interest in it cuz it’d gimme a platform to show off my actin skills, put on a serious face an’ say stuff like, I object, your Honor! or put on a fancy powdered wig like the one David Tennant wears in The Escape Artist (another brilliant performance,btw! Sorry…can’t help praisin him! 😁)
….But then, I thought to myself, there’s no justice system ere in India or elsewhere! An’ even if there is, it’s super sloooow! No kiddin, but there’s so many cases pending out there an’ so many people still waitin for justice. I dunno if it’s the same elsewhere, but the law sucks where I stay and it’s corrupted as hell, man! I didn’t have the patience to fight a case which would be pushed under the carpet or put on hold till the end o’ time! An’ I’m pretty sure, if I did fight an’ raise my voice, only to have the above mentioned done or have my cries fall on deaf ears…I’d surely find myself breaking down (I’m the sensitive, impatient kind) or worse, tossing the mallet at someone an’ landing myself in jail! + I’d have to invest in self defense classes, in case a murderer who’d ended up in prison cuz o’ me an’ then got bailed out (cuz o’ our lax justice system) ended up stalkin me! 😅 Besides, I never took interest in debates and arguments, since I think they’re a waste o’ precious time, anyway!
So, if I wanna pursue a career, I wanted to feel a sense of achievement an’ I wanted to have fun doin what I do…
So, I drifted off to make my own path. Away from the unjust world o’ lawyers and the bloody, sleepless world o’ medicos an’ went for BA English, since I’m passionate about writing and there’s nothin in the world I’d rather do then read books and pen my own. I stumbled upon this famed college (which I initially thought was long closed down. But, it turned out, twas only the higher secondary school that had been shut down. Plz don’t ask why ,cuz I’ve no idea myself!). The course in this college offered mass media and additional subjects like film studies, comics studies, a minor in a language of your choice, writin for media, etc. along with the usual (+ a gorgeous clean an’ green environment, might I add). An’ they had a writing centre for the creative lot to get together and write stuff (brilliant!). These additional subjects were introduced since parents believe that a degree in English leads nowhere or only lets their kid pursue a career as a teacher/lecturer. These additional subjects could open the doors to so much more for an English major, like broadcasting, movie/telly production, etc.
Somethin that combined my passion an’ love for movies an’ books? How could I say NO to that?! So, I enrolled myself in it an’ am waitin for my first day o’ college an’ 3 years o’ indulgin in my passion! Till then, arrivederci ! (did I spell that right?)
In jest: An’ to all those who say I’m wastin my time an’ diss English majors, I say unto thee:

Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper...an' she ain't bothered, by the looks o' it😆

Oh, yes…An’ do visit this site to find jobs (yup! Real jobs) that us English majors will eventually end up doin: http://www.selloutyoursoul.com/2011/12/19/jobs-for-english-majors/

P.S Will be posting more chapters soon. So, do not despair, dear readers! Toodles😁


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