To every mum, mom, mummy, mumsy, mommy, mamma, mãe, माँ, आवय, आई, etc, etc…💕

Happy mother's day!

Here’s to the mums,💐
The single mum: Calm and cool in a noisy room filled with restless tots who’re constantly fightin o’er toys,
An’ graceful under pressure as she singlehandedly deals with her unruly lil boys!
Bringing her kids up from the time they wet the bed,
She does all that she can, with no help from dad!
The young mum: Faced with choices- To be a mum or to be a student an’ continue her studies?
To change diapers or earn degrees?
But, she somehow manages to balance the two,
Let’s applaud her, for she’ll astound you!
The working mum: Still makes time for her child, whether she’s workin full-time or as a temp,
An’ I’ve even heard o’ an expectant mum, a model by profession, walkin the ramp!
Single, workin, young or old- every mum manages to leave her stamp!

See? Told ya she managed to leave her stamp:)

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