Raleigh’s evil plan
“Kinky!” Martin joked in a saucy tone, as a scornful Madeleine strapped him to an operating table. He looked around as the others were strapped in as well, squirming and trying to fight back, but in vain. ” So, how’d he get ya to cave in…no pun intended! Promise ya another one o’ those pink, fluffy jumpers ya like so much, eh? ” he asked, disgusted by her back-stabbing behaviour. “Wrong. See this? ” she replied braggingly, flashing him her ring finger, before twirling around happily for the rest of the room to see. “My! That’s a bloody big rock! ” the enthusiastic geologist Jefferson exclaimed on seeing the humongous diamond. “I guess it’s true what they say bout diamonds bein a girl’s best friend, huh? ” Gia mocked, rolling her eyes at Madeleine.  “Nope, just this girl’s best friend! Besides, it’s somethin ya could never gift me all that time we dated! ” the boastful blonde insulted Martin. “That’s cuz I couldn’t afford it cuz I lived off the bloody RAF compensation…much o’ which went towards my hospital an’ rehab bills, woman! ” he reminded. “Oh, boo-hoo, poor you! ” she remarked, not giving a damn.
“Quit it, lovebirds! We’ve got a job to do. Restrain em, so we can insert the mind control chips in em!” Anita interrupted. “Mind control chips?! Even more unoriginal! He’s the most unoriginal villain I’ve ever seen! ” Gia was quick to mock. “Who’s she… An’ why’s she intent on bein a spoilsport?! She’s takin the fun outta everythin! ” Anita complained, shooting daggers at her for making a mockery of their foolproof plan. “Fun?! What’s fun?! You’re pollutin the ground water with the fuel from your machines, openin up sinkholes an’ causing earthquakes with your rumblin, noisy equipment…an’ how dare ya use these caves for this illegal facility?! An’ ya think this is fun?!” Jefferson spoke up, siding with Mother Nature and his wife. “No, but I think demonstrating my power an’ might by parading my creations down a crowded streets of Rio…that’s fun, eh? This is just a test drive though. I’m gonna control y’all an’ you’re gonna control my giant metal creatures. Death, destruction an’ a spider army…that’s how ya get far in this world. We’re gonna be the show-stompers…good one, eh? ” Raleigh explained with a maniacal laugh at his own lame joke, while his Angels joined in the laughter. “Forget rain o’er the parade…We’re gonna flood it! Flood the streets with these giant arachnids.” Madeleine seconded with a giggle.
“You’re not gonna get away with this! ” Jefferson declared, sternly. “Could we please shut him up? ” Raleigh ordered. “Oh, ya can try, but they take these environmental issues seriously! As for ya…Ya should see someone about these mental issues! ” Martin advised. “I’ve had enough outta ya, Mr. Funnybones! Let’s see how funny ya are when someone else is controllin your sense of humour…along with the rest of your senses. When I’m done with ya, you’re just gonna be hollow. Insert the chips, activate em, strap em into the spiders…an’ let’s have some fun! ” Raleigh ordered, fed up by his wisecracks.


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