Out of nowhere

A giant metal spider with scary ,pointed pincers

“D’you think they’re alright…? ” a concerned Gia whispered, as the duo ventured deeper into the cavern. “Of course! I can just imagine em- Yer husband ramblin about sciency-wiency stuff, Alice the know-it-all listenin intently, while my dear brother yawns an’ complains bout the heat! Everythin’s fine…bloody hell! ” Martin attempted to calm her down, but stopped short as they neared a dead end and spotted Jefferson and Matt sprawled facedown on the ground.
“Thank God, you both are seguro! But…where’s Alice? ” Gia enquired, heaving a sigh of relief and hugging her husband as he came to. “We…We dunno…” a drowsy Matt began to explain, as his brother helped him up…only to let go in order to tend to the vibrating Api in his pocket, letting him drop to the ground again! “Sorry. Gotta take this Holo-call.” he apologized, pulling out the vibrating wand as he spoke. Before the confused lot could enquire what a Holo-call meant, they saw a hologram of Kelly’s worried face emerge from the tip of the wand. “Are ya alright?! Did ya find em?! I tried calling out to ya, ya know?! ” she asked, in a frantic tone. “Ya don’t have to yell, love. It’ll cause the walls to collapse! ” he joked, in an attempt to lighten her mood. “Don’t even joke bout it! ” she snapped. “Relax! The boys are fine. But, we can’t see Alice anywhere, Kelly.” Gia replied on his behalf. “Well, it’s sorta hard to explain….but, Alice has been taken…” Matt interrupted. “What?! What d’you mean, taken? ” Martin asked,raising an eyebrow. “Gigantic metal spiders….jumped outta that wall right there….Just outta nowhere, ya know? Like, there’s somethin behind that wall…like a secret doorway or somethin! They took off with her an’ knocked us out. Stepped right back into that wall with her! ” Jefferson continued to explain, pointing to a rocky corner of the cavern with a trembling finger. Soon after he finished his sentence, they were in for a surprise as the creatures he’d just described jumped out from the wall!
“What’s wrong?! What…What was that?! ” Kelly cried out, on hearing the metallic clink of the spiders as they inched closer. “Uh-Oh! Love, gotta go, bye! ” Martin decided to end the Holo-call, before facing the spiders, raising the wand and pointing at them. “D’you have, like a…uh, secret weapon stored in that thing…? ” Gia asked, anxiously. “Well, the closest thing to a weapon is this laser. But, I don’t think it’s very…strong! ” he began to reply as a red light shot out of the wand, staring agape as the seemingly harmless laser became stronger and brighter…until, it caused a large explosion! The group were thrown against the walls of the cavern ,but were unhurt. The spiders on the other hand….had been burnt to a crisp! “Guess Kelly’s made some changes…! ” Martin muttered to himself, stunned by the strength of the laser!


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