Full of surprises

Billie and Deirdre: the new couple on the block an' soooo in love:mrgreen:

“Well, well…if it isn’t the one who got away! ” he joked, popping a squat on the lawn chair next to her. “Well, well…if it isn’t the one I got a restrainin order against! ” she retorted, narrowing her suspicious eyes at him as soon as she took off her sunglasses. “Ya got a what against me?! ” he cried out in disbelief. “Ya didn’t know, Mr. Clingy? Carry it along with me all the time! Here, have a look see.” she revealed, displaying the paper which she pulled out from her fancy tote and poshly waved it about in his face. “Keep it right next to the sunblock, I see. Well, they’ve misspelled my name on it. Martin O’Rally. Guess it doesn’t apply to me then! So, what brings you ere, Billie? ” he asked, smiling smugly as he handed back the restraining order which had been rendered redundant now. “I’m on a vacation…with a special someone. In fact, here she comes! ” she replied, looking up as her special someone approached them. “Her?! Deirdre Sultani, ya do bounce back quickly! An’ ya! I wouldn’t have pegged ya for a…” he uttered in disbelief, as his second ex wife arrived, both of them exchanging surprised looks on seeing each other. “…a lesbian? We’ve you to thank for it.” Deirdre completed his sentence, sitting on the edge of Billie’s lawn chair while the blonde beauty handed her a towel to dry off. “What d’you mean? ” he asked, cluelessly. “We met at therapy. Now, don’t ask why I was at therapy. Anyway, we knew we were meant to be as soon as our eyes met an’ it was love at first sight! ” Billie gushed with her trademark tongue biting smile, squeezing Deirdre’s arm lovingly as she spoke. “We bonded a lot over our mutual hatred for you! ” a blushing Deirdre added. “Well, I’m happy for the both o’ ya. Enjoy! ” Martin decided to take his leave, on seeing the ladies arrive with their arms laden with shopping bags.
“Finally, there ya are! Don’t ever leave me with im ever again! He talked my ears off bout hurricanes an’ concubine clouds or somethin! ” Matt made him promise, shooting daggers at Jefferson who was brushing sand off himself as he stood up. “Cumulus clouds.” he corrected, overhearing him. “Alright, what’s the damage, girls? ” Martin asked in a jittery tone, on noticing the bulging shopping bags, the contents of which he assumed were expensive! ” We shopped till we dropped! ” Alice stated the obvious. “An’ we bought these gorgeous gowns, cuz Jefferson’s promised to take us to an underground rave tonight!” Kelly chimed in, grinning in a giddy manner. “Him? I didn’t peg ya for a party animal! ” Martin exclaimed in disbelief at yet another stunning revelation. “I sorta had a wild side in college! ” he revealed, sheepishly. “I guess Brazil’s not the only one full of surprises, eh? ” Matt teased.


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