Lazing around with a 99

An icy treat!

Olá! I’ve your mischievous girl here with me! ” Gia greeted as Kelly showed up at the door. “Sorry bout her. She’s a curious one.” she apologized, heaving a sigh of relief on seeing her daughter safe and sound. “Quite attached too! ” Gia laughed, as Olivia clung to her! “I wanna stay longer with the nice lady who owns the hotel!” the stubborn girl insisted. “Oh! You own this place? ” Kelly asked, in astonishment. “Yup. Her idea.” her husband replied on her behalf, while absent-mindedly fidgeting with his precious violin. “I hope you enjoy your stay. So, any plans for tomorrow? Sightseeing, perhaps? ” their host enquired. “I dunno. Could you recommend somewhere safe…without all the cracks an’ quakes, perhaps? ” Kelly requested ,with a nervous smile. “Sure! Rio’s safe. It hasn’t been hit by anythin yet, right, hon? ” she replied, calling out to him for confirmation. “Not anythin that I know of.” he muttered, looking up momentarily before he turned his attention back to the violin. “Great! We should hit Copacabana first. É muito bonita! I think the kids will love it! I could show you around, do a lil shopping. Sounds nice? ” she offered, ecstatically. “No bloody way! It’s too sandy! ” her husband complained, finally taking his eyes off the instrument. “I don’t care. Matt is my closest amigo an’ if his familia wants to see the sights, I will make sure they’ve the time of their life, ok? An’ if you don’t like it, you can just…as the British say- just lump it!” the feisty Brazilian snapped, silencing him! “I wouldn’t wanna bother y’all…” Kelly began to politely decline. “Anythin for an old friend an’ for your filha angélica! ” Gia interrupted, showering all her affection on the devilish Olivia!
So, the next day, the three men were left to babysit the children at the Copacabana beach, while the women went on a shopping spree. Martin and Matt lazed on lawn chairs, watching the little ones frolicking in the water while Jefferson lay down on his back on the sandy shore. “I didn’t know they had 99s ere in Brazil. Imagine my surprise when we found an ice cream van that actually sold these sweet treats!” Martin exclaimed, with his mouth full of vanilla ice cream. His brother nodded in agreement. “You’ll find that Brazil is full of surprises! Oh, would you look at that beauty! Those, my friends, are Cumulonimbus clouds. ” their knowledgeable host chimed in, before pointing up to the sky as he gazed up at the clouds. “How long’s he been ramblin bout clouds for now? ” a bored Martin asked, turning towards his brother. “Close to two hours, I’d say!” an equally bored Matt replied, while Jefferson continued to share his knowledge with the uninterested duo. “Stay put an’ listen to him. I think I see a certain yellow and pink lady in the distance. I’ve gotta go chat with Billie Piper! ” Martin ordered, letting his half eaten 99 drop to the ground before taking off on noticing his celebrity ex wife sunbathing not far from them. “Do I have a choice? ” his brother sighed, on realizing that he couldn’t move from his position as the girls had built a giant sand castle over his feet!


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