Monkeying around

Martin, Kelly and the kids

“Lass, what’re ya doin? Where’s yer sister….an’ what in the world is that thumpin noise?” he asked, eyeing his daughter suspiciously. “I was searchin for my doll…an’ Jenny was helpin me an’…I pushed er in, by mistake…an’ zipped it up, daddy…” she confessed with an impish grin, still knelt in front of the suitcase. “What?! Oh, for chrissakes…! ” he exclaimed in horror on realizing that the thumping sound was coming from inside the suitcase, quickly unzipping it before pulling out his daughter from it and making sure she was alright. “I found yer doll, Livvy. I sat on it by mistake!” Jenny exclaimed, handing the GI Joe doll to her sister as she climbed out of the suitcase. “Well, I wasn’t expectin that! What with the pink suitcase….I expected some girly Barbie…But, a GI Joe…? ” Matt muttered, surprised by the girl’s choice of toy. “They’re a bunch of devilish tomboys. Besides, that suitcase belongs to your brother.” Kelly interrupted. “Oh, my God….I do remember the pink suitcase he used to push around when we were kids. It was around the time we were sent off to boardin school an’ our next door neighbor Gia gifted him a girly suitcase. Tell me that’s not the same one! ” Matt reminisced in an amused manner. “Well, I kept it as a reminder…o’ my first crush…” Martin confessed, hiding his blush from his wife as he spoke! “Anyway, back to the topic o’ lockin one’s sister in a bag, she couldn’t suffocated in there, Olivia.” he reprimanded, deciding to change the topic before it became even more embarrassing. “I didn’t mind, daddy. I felt like I was in another di-muhn-sion! ” little Jenny cried out ecstatically, defending her sister. “Ya know, he’s a stay at home dad, spends the most time with em, says I had em for nine months an’ now it’s his turn…an’ yet, they turned out like their mum! ” Kelly chimed in boastfully, mischievously rubbing it in his face! “Aye, weird an’ stubborn! ” he was quick with a comeback, eliciting chuckles from Alice and Matt, while his wife feigned laughter. “Let’s leave before they come up with somethin even more ridiculous an’ dangerous to top this! ” Martin advised hesitantly, ushering everyone into the time machine. “I’m glad we’ve got the time machine to travel around in. Sir Worrywort here is always complaining about prices!” Alice teased Matt, who’d heaved a sigh of relief on seeing the time machine materialise. “Now, no more monkeyin around when we get there, you two. They’ve already got monkeys where we’re goin! ” Kelly quipped, as they took off.


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