A/N: Dedicated to everyone who shares their birth date with me, i.e. Celebrates their b’day on May 5 🎉🎁
Song choice: Over and done with by The Proclaimers

“Hope I’m not interruptin anythin! ” Ina exclaimed, poking her head in while flashing the couple a silly grin. “How can we repay ya for helpin us get our home back? Ya know, we should thank yer cousin Joel. He’s the one who proved that those papers were forged by that greedy bastard. Where is he anyway? ” Sylvia asked, anxious to thank the young lawyer. “He had another case an’ he was sorta, uh…arrested for contempt o’ court! In fact, I’m on my way to bail im out right now. But I thought I’d drop these off first.” she replied, flashing them a pleased smile as she pulled out a stack of newspapers and magazines from her satchel. They all carried the same headlines on their front pages- House of respected billionaire raided. Millions in black money and falsified documents found! “Did ya do this…? ” the surprised rock star enquired, widening his eyes as he browsed through the papers. “Aye! When we were at his apartment yesterday, I did my own snoopin around…an’ I hit the jackpot! I sent in a pile of his dirty laundry to a reputed news agency, an’ the rest is history! ” she boasted. “Aww..I should give ya a kiss, lass! C’mere! ” he exclaimed with a wide grateful grin, before pulling her in for a bone-crushing hug! “That was one helluva hug! I’m gonna regret doin any more favors for ya!” a red faced Ina joked, once she’d successfully freed herself from his embrace!


Thanx for readin an’ liking (a shout out especially to yassy, who’s always been the first one to like anything I’ve written)😘

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