Song choice: You and me by Lifehouse

Making the front page

She woke up, yawned and frowned on seeing the empty space beside her. She strolled into the drawing room of their old home to find him sitting at the piano sifting through the mail. “Can ya believe it?! It’s finally ere! The big book o’ duets that I ordered is finally ere! ” he exclaimed on seeing her. “I know. I can see it right there, resting on the piano, love! ” she exclaimed, matching his enthusiasm. “Is that my shirt? ” he asked, his jaw almost dropping to the floor, on noticing that she only had on an oversized silk shirt. “Yup! I think it suits me better. Dontcha agree? ” she teased, seductively sitting on his lap before pushing up his chin to shut his gaping mouth! “Aww…geez! Look at this! ” he suddenly turned his attention to the tabloid that fell out from beneath the pile of letters. “The rock star who broke up a marriage?! Whoa! The gall o’ these people! ” he had a hurt look on his face as he read the insulting headline. “Love….let it go. It’s just a stupid tabloid.” she comforted. “Yer right. They’ve written far worse stuff about me before….An’ that didn’t bother me much! ” he muttered, tossing the paper aside as she wrapped her arms around his neck and leant in to kiss him. “An’ I think that ya did a brilliant job o’ breakin up that marriage. The man I’m with now is a much better kisser! ” she whispered, breaking into a toothy grin before kissing him. “So…D’you wanna resume that piano lesson we started ten years ago? ” he asked, flashing his own toothy grin as she sat next to him on the piano bench and he placed an arm around her waist to pull her closer. “Oh…no! I’m bloody awful at playin instruments! How about you play an’ I’ll sing! ” she replied, with a twinkle in her eye, before energetically bursting into an off-key rendition of You and me by Lifehouse. “Ow! Right in my ear! Oh, for Chrissakes, I think ya should stick to dancin, love!” he advised teasingly, as she continued to sing just to annoy him/ give him a earache!


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