Cameos by Lorna Raver as Dora, the housekeeper
Alex Kingston as the nurse.

He woke up in the hospital. His blurry vision caught a glimpse of her slightly bruised face as she prepared to leave. The drowsy rock star rubbed his eyes to see her clearly. Her eyes were puffy from all the crying and a band aid covered the spot where she’d hit her temple when her enraged husband had thrown her to the floor like a rag doll. “Yer leavin?! Where’re ya goin?” he asked, in disbelief as she started walking towards the door, turning her back on him. “I hope yer not goin back to him…not after all that happened! ” he continued, receiving no reply from her. “I’ve some unfinished business.” she finally declared in a serious tone, turning towards him to speak. “What d’you mean…unfinished business? Ya sound like a mob boss right now, ya know that? ” he enquired, in a clueless and hesitant manner. “Just somethin I’ve to do. I’ll be right back, love.” she whispered, before opening the door. “Ya can’t leave me with her! I think she only inserted a catheter in me cuz wanted me to take my pants off! ” he called out after her, glancing nervously at the red haired nurse standing beside him. “Oh…believe me, it was necessary! Hope yer ready for yer shot now…sexy! ” the flirty nurse whispered with a mischievous wink, readying a syringe as she spoke. He turned to Sylvia for help, but she’d already left.
“Where are ya takin me? I brought coffee.” an equally clueless Ina asked, as the hurrying woman dragged her along. “I’ve gotta go back to the apartment…to pick up my stuff. ” she replied, as she hired a taxi. “I’m guessin it’s a lotta luggage, that ya need my help for it, eh? ” Ina guessed, as they got into the vehicle.
The billionaire’s God fearing housekeeper answered the door. “Ya! Ya should be ashamed! D’you know what ya did to im?! Mr. Fletcher’s been drinkin like a fish! ” she spat, raising her voice at her former employer. “Dora, who is it?” a voice enquired, before a bloodshot eyed Tom appeared at the door. “You! I thought it was clear that we were done! You’re not to show up here again, d’you hear?! ” he shouted slurringly, recklessly swinging the liquor bottle he held in his hand as he spoke. “I’m only ere to pick up my stuff.” she replied, calmly. “An’ where are ya gonna keep it? On his bus? His teeny tiny cramped bus? ” the drunk man mocked, blocking her entry. “Get outta my way, Tom.” she ordered through clenched teeth. “Or what? Yer gonna break my heart…again? ” he demanded, before breaking into a mocking laugh. “No…but, I’m gonna break yer smug face! ” she muttered, before landing a hard punch to his nose. Stunned and bleeding, he collapsed to the floor. Ina watched as the contents of the bottle spilt over the carpet on which the unconscious man lay. “Yer not allowed…! ” Dora began to protest their entry into the apartment. “Save it, Dora! Dontcha have a carpet to clean?” an impatient Sylvia interrupted, silencing the ageing maid before proceeding to collect her belongings with an impressed Ina in tow.


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