This summer, take a trip to Brazil in my next, It’s a Wibbly Wobbly vacation! (Book 3 of my sci-fi trilogy) 🌞 🌴

Cover page

Cast members:
Rooney Mara as Alice
Matt Smith as Matthew
David Tennant as Martin
Kate Beckinsale as Kelly
Chris O’Dowd as Raleigh
Debbie Chazen as Anita
Georgia Moffet as Madeleine
Paz Vega as Gia Hermanos- Scully
Benedict Cumberbatch as Jefferson Scully
Billie Piper as herself
Oona Chaplin as Deirdre

The price o’ travel

“I can’t believe we’re goin to Brazil…” Matt muttered, appearing tense as an ecstatic Alice revealed their vacation plans to him. “I know, right! I can’t believe it either! I can’t believe Dr. Wartenberg finally gave me a month off.” she exclaimed, her voice muffled as she wrapped her arms around him and enthusiastically kissed his neck. “No, I can’t believe… yer gonna blow our money on plane tickets! ” he spoke his mind, wriggling out of her cozy embrace. “C’mon, hon, it’s only 757 dollars for our first big trip. Besides,we can afford it- Biothaque sales are off the charts, hon! ” she bragged. “757 dollars?! Love, that’s 600 pounds! We’re s’possed to be savin up for Stormy’s college fund! ” he reminded. “For the last time, we talked about this at the hospital, on the ride home from the hospital, last night when you put her to bed by singing Night, night, baby Stormageddon an’ this morning when you fed her by singing Open up, the lil blue box is landin, lil Stormy, whatever that means! We talked about it time an’ again- our daughter’s name is Sidney, not Stormy or Stormageddon, kay?! ” an exasperated Alice corrected. “Besides, it’s gonna be Sidney’s first vacation.” she continued to insist. “Why can’t we just spend the holidays watchin Gotham? ” he came up with an odd suggestion. “Scuse me? What sorta stupid suggestion is that? ” his confused wife demanded an explanation. “What? It’s got Morena Baccarin in it… an’ she’s Brazilian….that’s as good as goin to Brazil…isn’t it? ” he stuttered, trying hard to find an acceptable explanation for watching his favorite show. “Oh, please…you just want an excuse to drool over Morena Baccarin! ” she interrupted. “Madre de dios! That woman is hot, isn’t she?” a familiar voice exclaimed from behind her, siding with Matt. “Oh,you’re finally here! You need to put a bell on that thing, ya know? ” Alice suggested, turning around on seeing their guests show up in the time machine. “Well, that’s not possible actually, what with the weight distribution an’ the…” Kelly began to reason. “Love, she was just jokin. Sorry, she’s still gettin a hang o’ jokes an’ sarcasm! ” Martin interrupted, before his wife could break into a long physics lecture! “Oops! Apologies if the words outta my mouth caused y’all to yawn, heh-heh! ” an embarrassed Kelly apologized, before letting out a nervous giggle. “That’s all right! So, where’s that lil tyke?” Alice asked, looking around with a grin as she spotted a little girl inside the time machine struggling with a bulging pink suitcase. “Oh, for chrissakes! Olivia, I told ya not to pack so much! Quit tuggin. Yer gonna break it, ya lil cherub! ” Martin cried out, nodding in disbelief before rushing over to help his daughter with her bag.


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