A/N: Well, since nothin much’s happenin on wattpad an’ the notebook on which I’d written the next chapter o’ The Actor’s Wife’s sequel (called The Actor’s Daughter. Check it out ere: is missing, I thought I’d head on o’er ere an’ post. Enjoy:):

The dark clouds had parted and it was a sunny day. “Oooh! Fancy a popsicle? ” he asked, ecstatic as a child on spotting the ice cream truck drive past. Ina giggled, as he hurried to it without waiting for an answer. She’d made herself comfy, leaning against the side of the bus which was parked in its usual spot, when she spotted Mrs. Fletcher making her way towards her. She frowned, remembering his heartbroken face from the night before when she’d stood him up. He’d noticed her too. She thought he’d hold a grudge against her too, but was taken aback as he waved at her.
“I got ya one too. They only had cherry flavored popsicles…” he exclaimed, handing Ina her treat as he returned . “Oh! ” Sylvia seemed sad on hearing that. “But…I bribed a kid for the last lime flavored popsicle. Ere, I know how much ya love the lime ones.” he revealed, flashing her a charming smile, as he handed her the frozen treat he’d hidden behind his back. “That’s so sweet o’ ya! ” she exclaimed, lighting up and hugging him.
Ina had only begun licking her popsicle, when they began Frenching up a storm! “Well, I’m off popsicles! ” she exclaimed in disgust, letting it drop to the floor, as they continued kissing. She watched the couple, in disbelief. She was even more surprised at the rock star’s behaviour. She’d hoped he’d be angry at her for leaving him in the lurch, but it seemed like all was forgiven and he was even more in love with her now! “Ya know, I really should apologize for not showin up last night. I wanted to…but he was growing suspicious by the minute…an’ I was afraid his goons were gonna follow me to the restaurant, an’ then all hell would break loose!” she pulled back from their passionate embrace to apologise. She looked deep into his eyes, caressing his hair as she whispered- “I couldn’t let anythin happen to ya, Luke. I really l….” He was anxious to hear more, to hear her say that she still loved him, but she was cut short. “Oi! Ya can’t go in there!” a frantic and sudden cry from Ina (who was guarding the door) interrupted her.
No! Please, let him go! ” Sylvia screamed, as the door swung open and a fuming Tom entered with his goons. The burly men lost no time in beating him up mercilessly on Tom’s orders. “Tom…please…I…I love him! ” she pleaded, squirming as her husband held her back as she tried to break the fight up.
“You…what?! I knew it! I had my suspicions…but, to hear it from your own mouth…! We’re done! ” he growled, slapping her across the face and sending her crashing to the floor. He motioned to his goons to stop, kicking the rock star one last time in the ribs, before storming off and slamming the door behind him. She crawled towards the bruised and bloodied rock star who was sprawled across the floor and cradled his head in her lap as he coughed up blood, leaving bloodstains all over her once spotless dress. “Luke…I’m so sorry…He hurt ya…” she whispered apologetically, sobbing uncontrollably. He shushed her in a comforting manner, stretching out a trembling hand to brush off strands of unruly hair from her face. She looked at him in wonder as he made no great deal about what had occurred, instead hearing him whisper- “Sticks an’ stones may break my bones, love…” – before he passed out in her arms.

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