She hurried over to the posh restaurant, as soon as she got his call. She pushed past the gathered paparazzi to enter and found him sitting by himself, playing around with the salt and pepper shakers. She smiled amusingly, as the goofy rock star was engrossed in moving them around while making Dalek cries with his mouth. “Ya came! ” he exclaimed, on seeing her, embarrassingly returning the shakers back to their original positions on the table. “Ya could’ve dressed up better though.” he muttered, looking at the gown she’d worn. “Oi! This is my prom dress, kay? It’s the only fancy dress I own. I’m not much o’ a shopper. ” she defended. “Couldn’t ya dress yer age? Borrowed somethin from yer mum? ” he asked, as she took a seat across from him. “Who died an’ made ya king o’ fashion, eh? Besides, most o’ mum’s dresses would only look good on yer slutty groupies! ” an insulted Ina replied, tossing her clutch onto the table. “Fine. Don’t get yer knickers in a twist! Ya look pretty…An’ thanks for comin.” he thanked, with a roll of his eyes.  “Of course, I did. I’m yer manager. I’m sorta gettin a hang o’ this job…An’ also, it’s partly my fault that ya got stood up! ” she said apologetically, feeling guilty about the love of his life not showing up. He didn’t say a word and instead looked out at the crowd of photogs with their cameras pressed against the glass doors of the restaurant to click away. “I’m just worried about what they might write. They somehow got wind o’ it that I was gonna dine with Sylvie. They’ve been ere since I arrived an’ I know they’re growing suspicious about er not showin up.” he whispered, worryingly. “I’m usually not the one who gets stood up. Goin by what the tabloids have been writin about me, I’m the one who stands women up an’ breaks their hearts. This  changes everything. I can’t be the rock star who got a taste o’ his own medicine, ya know? It’ll ruin my rebellious bad boy image.” he continued, with a frown. “That’s why I’m ere.” she whispered, reaching out to comfort him. He pulled his arm away as she stretched out her arm, placing it over his. “What d’you think yer doin?! ” he asked. “Just go with it.” she whispered, beckoning to him to come closer. She kissed him passionately as he did! “Always wanted to try that! ” a grinning Ina exclaimed, pulling away. “Ugh! Ya made me seem paedophilic right then! ” he cried out in disbelief, wiping off the lipstick smear she’d left behind on his lips during their kiss. “At least those vultures’ll have somethin to write bout…” she muttered, turning his attention to the satisfied reporters who’d begun to leave. “I think the word yer lookin for is thanks, mate! ” she suggested with a pleased grin. “Thanks.” he whispered with a grateful smile, before treating her to a sumptuous meal. Scottish Fetish spotted kissing mystery woman was the headline that made it to the front page the next day!

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