He’d just returned from the tour. His young manager had headed home for the night, while he sat alone on his bed, carefully tuning his guitar. He examined it, standing it up next to the messy bedside table which was strewn with sheets and sheets of music.  He reached in for a nighttime snack- rummaging through the open packet of crisps lying next to him on the bed. He was about to bite in, when he heard a knock on the door.
“Thought I spotted yer bus.” Sylvia exclaimed, grinning at him as he opened the door. “Wanna hop on for a snack? ” he invited, happy to see her familiar face. “Oh…I wanna hop on for more than just a snack!” she replied lustfully, before lunging at him and kissing him passionately. He struggled to breathe as she deepened the kiss, while she struggled with the zipper of his jacket. She slammed the bedroom door behind them. All that could be heard was the unzipping of clothes which were then tossed aside, the crash of the newly strung guitar as they bumped into it, and the crunching of crisps (he’d forgotten to put the packet aside) as they rolled about in bed, kissing, writhing and moaning with pleasure.
“Ya really need to clean up in ere if ya expect me to come ere more often. Those bloody crisps kept diggin into my back! ” she complained after their night of passion, before teasingly tossing the crumpled empty packet at the hickey covered rock star. She was buttoning up her blouse and preparing to leave when he gathered up the courage to ask- “Sylvie…would ya like to have dinner with me? ” “Dinner? Didn’t we just have dessert? ” she replied cheekily, chuckling at her own lame joke. She stopped, when she noticed his serious expression. “It’s just that…I’d like to take ya out to a proper dinner, ya know? Yer always complainin bout how he’s always on the phone whenever yer out at a restaurant.” he insisted. She was silent  ” Remember the time he took ya out to that sushi bar on Valentine’s day an’ ya didn’t realize he was actually meetin a bunch o’ Japanese businessmen for dinner there until ya got there….” he began to remind. “…An’ I found myself smack dab in the middle o’ a bloody business meeting in the middle o’ Nippon Kitchen….worst dinner ever! ” she continued, frowning at the memory. She felt a smile creep on her face as she felt his hand squeeze hers and she remembered the night she’d confided in him about it and he’d been her shoulder to cry on. “Ohwhat the hell! I’ll do it! Tomorrow night, 8 pm. At Cail Bruich…we haven’t been there in a long time……an’ don’t be late! ” she finally agreed, turning back to look at him, before he took her by surprise- pulling her back down on the bed beside him! “Yer a real insistent man, ya know that? ” she whispered teasingly, resting her head on the pillow as she faced him,  running her fingers through his hair as she spoke. “Seconds, m’lady? ” he whispered seductively, before leaning in to kiss her and unbutton her blouse. She squealed with laughter, letting herself sink into the soft mattress without a care in the world, as the romantic rock star showered every part of her with ticklish, pleasurable kisses.


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