Suddenly there was a knock on the door. A lanky policeman with a friendly face greeted Ina as she opened the door. “Jesse? ” the rock star exclaimed in disbelief from behind her on recognising his buddy, once the man of law had pulled down the hood of his macintosh as the rain slowly subsided. “That’s Inspector Holmes to ya, ol boy! ” he corrected, rather boastfully. “A real copper….or, ya know…A stripper? ” he enquired teasingly, knowing what his womanizing friend was capable of! “A real one. Although ….. Seamus strips at The Tunnel now. He’s quite good at it too….I’ve heard. He’s quite a hit during Christmas when he works it as Bad Santa! ” Inspector Holmes recounted. “That’s hard to imagine…since he was quite a poor dancer! ” the wide eyed rock star exclaimed, before chuckling amusingly. “None o’ that stuff for me. I’m a family man now. P.S. My daughter, Diana’s a big fan o’ yers. D’you mind…? ” the handsome inspector revealed (much to an infatuated Ina’s disappointment!), before tearing out a page from his notepad. “Sure! Anythin for an ol mate! ” the joyful rock star declared, before willingly and proudly inscribing his signature and a special message for Diana on it. “So, ya both waitin it out ere, eh? ” he asked, satisfyingly folding up the autographed paper and keeping it away safely in his pocket. “Aye…In fact, we were just talkin bout Mrs. Fletcher….” the nosy journo interrupted, desperate for more info from Jesse who knew her well too. “Oh! Mrs. Fletcher….Ya mean, Sylvia? If I may say so, ya lost out on a great girl, mate! I wonder why ya ever let er go….” the inspector began to ramble, just as Ina had hoped! “Maybe, cuz she married my enemy, Tom the twat! ” the annoyed rock star reminded, hurting at the memory. “Well, she didn’t marry im willingly…” Inspector Holmes interrupted him. “What d’you mean? ” the clueless rock star enquired. “She didn’t tell ya, eh? She waited for ya to return, but ya didn’t. That one gig probably changed both yer lives! While ya were away playin gig after gig, her home was in danger o’ bein usurped by those snakes! Anyway, Tom forged a bunch o’ papers claiming that the mansion belonged to his family an’ forced er to marry im if she wanted to keep the house. She loathed ya for not replying to the millions o’ letters she sent askin for help….but no-one can blame ya, right? I assured er that they probably got lost in all yer fan mail, eh? ” he narrated, before looking towards him for confirmation about the letters. He was silent, before replying in the negative. “I got her letters….but, I just couldn’t leave, Jesse! I…I…had all those concerts, mate! ” he defended himself. His friend was shocked to hear the truth. “Ya didn’t deserve er! In fact, I don’t think I wanna be friends with someone who’s so selfish that he’d put his needs before his loved ones! By the way, I was gonna let this slide, cuz yer my mate an’ all….but, ere’s a ticket for that broken taillight…..mate. Better pay it up quickly.” he muttered through clenched teeth, tearing out a page from his notepad and handed it to him, before heading back to his car, nodding his head in disappointment along the way.
“I hope yer happy. Ya got yer story! ” the ashamed rock star muttered, glugging down his umpteenth beer, as he sat on the couch and looked down at the floor with dejected eyes that were slowly tearing up. “Ya can still change things! Get er back! That’s why I suggested that ya two grab a bite together…to talk. That’s all it takes! Talk it out, apologise, tell er yer true feelings for er! Don’t hide anythin! Confess yer true feelins for er. Maybe, she’ll take ya back! ” the hopeful girl suggested. “Aye…that is, if she still loves me…an’ I don’t think it’s possible to love someone as stupid an’ selfish as me! Someone who’s so blind that he was unable to see her true love. I let er marry that rich twat! ” he argued, not looking up from the floor as he spoke. “Just give it a try, kay? ” she whispered, squeezing his shoulder comfortingly.

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