“So…did ya both drift apart?” Ina asked, intent on knowing more about their love story. “No. She cheated on me.” he replied gloomily (and to Ina’s disbelief), before continuing further:
” The mail’s ere, love! ” she exclaimed enthusiastically, bursting into the kitchen one morning with a bundle o’ letters and packages wrapped in brown paper. “Oooh…Shakespeare, eh? Doin a bit o’ light readin? ” I asked, snatchin and openin up a package from her hands, revealin a paperback copy o’ ‘Shakespeare’s sonnets’. I flipped through the book, before a fascinating one caught my eye, an’ before she could stop me, I was teasingly recitin-
Who is Silvia? what is she,
That all our swains commend her?
Holy, fair, and wise is she;
The heaven such grace did lend her,
That she might admired be.

Is she kind as she is fair?
For beauty lives with kindness.
Love doth to her eyes repair,
To help him of his blindness;
And, being helped, inhabits there.

Then to Silvia let us sing,
That Silvia is excelling;
She excels each mortal thing
Upon the dull earth dwelling;
To her let us garlands bring!

“I’m gonna find a poem with yer name in ere too, ya know! ” she exclaimed with a blush, as she clamped a palm o’er my mouth an’ snatched away her precious book. “Besides, there’s somethin far more important in ere…for ya! ” she continued, before tearing open an envelope and reading enthusiastically from it. I almost choked on my cereal as I heard the sentence- Opening act for Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Hammersmith Apollo.
“Love, I’m so happy for ya! ” she exclaimed. “An’ this is yer way o’ showin me yer happiness? Get that eyeliner away from me….quit it! ” I ordered, as she forcibly sat me down in front o’ the dressing table later . “This is what all the great rock stars wear, love! Ya need a makeover. Out with the borin silk shirts an’ in with the leather jackets! ” my stylish wife interrupted, ordering me to sit still as she added her finishing touches… to make me look more like Ozzy Osbourne!
“It came as a shock to me when those divorce papers arrived, an’ then the news that she’d married that twat! I couldn’t believe she’d do that to me! Sure, I’d been away from her all those years, but she understood that this was my career. In fact, she’d promised me she’d wait for me….That even though, she was hesitant to leave her home in Scotland to globe trot with me, she’d wait for me….But, eventually I forgave er that night. The night I realised, I still loved er.” he finished narrating, leaving Ina teary eyed towards the end.


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