A/N: Sylvia’s quite the bad-ass, as you’ll find out in this next chapter:
He continued reminiscently, finally sharing his most cherished memories of their times together:
She was standing bare feet on the manicured lawns, hanging up laundry on the clothesline, struggling as the clothes billowed in the wind. She let out a soft chuckle as I came up behind her, holding her by the waist and nuzzling the ticklish region on her neck. “Ya do know we’ve got a dryer, right? ” I reminded teasingly, tucking in locks of her unruly, wind tussled hair as she turned around to face me. That was Sylvie for ya! Doin everythin the ol fashioned way! She may’ve been rich, but she sure preferred to act like a pauper! “Yer a sight for sore eyes, ya know that? ” she whispered, standing tippy-toes to plant a kiss on the corner o’ my mouth. “Speakin o’ sore eyes …look who’s makin their way up the hill to talk ya into sellin our home. Twat Sr….an’ his son, Twat Jr! ” I exclaimed, turning her attention towards the familiar shiny Rolls Royce that made its way up the winding road and finally parked itself in front o’ us and its occupants- the dastardly duo o’ Fletcher Sr and Tommy the twat- stepped out. “I told ya…I’m not interested! ” an irate Sylvie stood her ground, once they’d offered her an even large amount of money for the house. “I’m sorry…maybe the sum’s too paltry, huh? Though, I wouldn’t be so picky.Yer, uh, husband here, who, uh, prides himself on bein a musician, hardly makes any money! ” Fletcher Sr insulted, looking me up and down with a haughty look. “Ya could do so much better! ” Tommy the twat continued with a smug grin. “Ok, that does it! ” I was taken aback, as she roared defensively, before launching herself at the twat! He fell back into the white linen an’ they wrestled for quite a while. She landed most o’the punches to the sorry bastard! “Arentcha gonna do anythin?! Lettin yer wife fight for ya, coward! ” his offensive father cried out in horror, while sneering at me. “Yer right…I should probably say somethin, eh? Hit him harder, love! ” I egged on my brave Sylvie. I finally pulled her off im, since she seemed to be outta breath. We watched as the father-son duo tucked tail an’ ran to the safety o’ their air conditioned car. “The Rocky franchise. Initially, I watched the movies cuz o’ the chemistry between Adrian an’ Rocky…but, ya tend to pick up a few moves now an’ then! ” she confessed, explaining her fighting prowess on noticing my stunned expression. “Oh! Well….it really turned me on! ” I whispered saucily, before pulling her closer and leaning in for a snog.


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