A/N: And the love story continues…..
“She was the woman who introduced me to chick flicks. Every Sunday night, she’d drag me off to the drive- in theatre to watch em. She enjoyed the chemistry between the actors, while I enjoyed the feel o’ popcorn in my mouth…an’ also, the soundtrack! I only watched Singles cuz o’ its soundtrack. Here. My most prized possession. ” he reminisced, before handing her a cassette which he carefully removed from its hiding place. “The soundtrack o’ Titanic? ” she asked, looking up at him in surprise. “I’ll always remember the day Sylvia gifted it to me.” he recounted, while she listened intently:
She looked beautiful, dressed only in one o’ my ACDC tees, as she sultrily walked into the living room. I’d settled at the piano, playing a few tunes and figuring out the notes and chords to a song which I hoped was gonna be my ticket into the music industry. Still a struggling musician, waiting for my big break, I was stuck an’ frustrated, but I lit up when she diverted my attention as she made herself comfy on my lap, straddling me an’ wrapping her arms around my neck before planting a kiss on my lips. “Yer up early. I was hoping we’d cuddle some more.” she whispered, seductively. “Cuddlin can wait, love. This is my career.” I replied, tenderly pushing her ruffled hair off her face, revealing more o’ her beautiful face, and the hickeys on her neck. “Fine. But, every hard worker deserves a break.” she whispered, as she made her way to the music player near the couch , pulling me along. I followed her hesitantly, watching as she rummaged through her jeans which she’d tossed on the couch the night before, in a fit o’ passion. She pulled out the cassette, popping it into the player. “A lil anniversary gift, love.” she whispered, moving closer as Celine Dion’s voice wafted out. “Happy tenth anniversary, love.” I greeted, wrapping my arms around her waist as we slow-danced around the living room. I felt the need to rack my mind for lyrics, to strum till my fingers bled just to find the right notes melt away when I was with her.
“See that hill o’er there? ” he asked, pausing to pull the curtains aside once the rain had stopped, gesturing past the little houses and green meadows at the foot of a large steep hill. “Yeah? ” she replied, anxious to hear more. “An’ see that fancy mansion atop it? With the picket fence an’ rose garden? That was our home. ” he revealed, motioning to the mansion atop the misty hill. “Ya mean the Fletcher mansion? Ya don’t mean to say ya lived there? ” she enquired, cocking her head in confusion. “Aye! 10 years ago it used to be our home. Sylvie an’ I moved in there after our wedding. It was her granddad’s mansion an’ he’d left it to er in his will. Of course, that was before that greedy twat Fletcher an’ his son took it from us! ” he recounted in anger. “What d’you mean…took it from y’all? ” a confused Ina asked, keen to know more.

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