A/N: Hard to believe that the reckless rock star was once a sweet, shy, awkward goofball ,as you’ll find out in this chapter:
Cameos by:
Benedict Cumberbatch as Jesse Holmes
Nick Frost as Seamus McCoy
Simon Pegg as Danny Sylvester


The next day, the duo spent the day in the trailer. The concert was canceled due to heavy rains. Finding nothing better to do, she decided to prod him about his personal life. “So, how’d ya two meet? ” she asked, anxiously. “Wow…yer really not gonna let me off the hook without somethin for yer article, eh? Ok, I’ll spill.” he finally relented, (finding no escape from her) with a laugh and a reminiscing look in his eyes. He put off his cigarette in the ash tray before beginning his story:
I was an 18 year ol nobody workin at a record store. I’d just finished my shift, when my mate, Jesse Holmes, who frankly had it better, since his deep, sultry voice o’er the radio made women all o’er Scotland swoon! He was an RJ at the local radio station an’ every evening we’d drop by the YMCA for a game o’ billiards. If it were up to Jesse an’ I , we’d probably play tennis or football, but thanks to our less athletic mates, Seamus McCoy an’ Danny Sylvester, who’d always complain o’ body aches when we brought up outdoor games, we stuck to billiards…. he rambled on, getting carried away by the good ol days. “Is this story goin anywhere? ” she interrupted. “Oi! D’you wanna hear it or not?” he asked. “Fine. Sorry. Continue…just hurry.” she replied, impatiently. “Way to kill the moment! ” he groaned, before continuing:
Anyway, we decided to go out for a beer after a tiring game o’ billiards. But Jesse, the womanizer/smooth one among us, decided to drop by the YWCA next door. Back then, he had this French thing goin on, where he aped the French with his fake accent an’ this thin mustache he’d been growin to get the ladies…as if his voice wasn’t enough! He brought out the wild side in all o’ us good Christian boys. Anyway, I’d left the blokes to flirt with the innocent women, as I headed to the room from where the sound o’ piano music wafted out. The pianist in me was intrigued. The intrigue was soon replaced by love. From her tiptoes to her lithe body to her beautiful face, she was perfection! Of course, she received the shock o’ er life when she saw my lovestruck face pressed against the window and my longing eyes staring at her and she lost her balance. I ran to help her up as she struggled to stand. She grimaced, shifting off er left leg. “Hope ya didn’t hurt yerself…” I hoped, helping er to a bench, as I took off her flat to examine her aching left foot. “Think she’s sprained er ankle. Nothin a lil spray can’t heal! I’m Seamus. Paramedic.” my flirtatious friend introduced with a grin. “Sorry about my friend, mademoiselle. He’s a bit o’ a peepin Tom! ” jerk Jesse teased, receiving a nudge from Danny who was always standin up for me an’ couldn’t stand Jesse’s showy attitude. “Aye, I didn’t mean to startle ya. Uhh…my apology would sound better if I knew yer name though…” I began to apologize. “One helluva pick-up line! ” I heard Danny mutter to Jesse behind me, while Seamus snickered on hearing Dan. “I’m Sylvia O’Donnell.” she replied, with a friendly smile, that meant she’d accepted my apology. “I’m Luke McDonald.” I introduced, before I heard Jesse (who was rather upset o’er a missed opportunity) exclaim in disbelief- “I can’t believe that bloody line worked! ” We had to make a run for it though, once security found out we’d snuck in! I wouldn’t be meetin er until I bumped into er at the record store a few days later. I finally mustered up the courage to ask her out as she was browsin through Celine Dion albums. I dunno how we got along the whole time we were together. We learnt that we didn’t have a lot in common, on the first date itself! I loved heavy metal an’ rock an’ roll, she loved opera an’ love songs. She was rich, I was, uh…well off! She owned a stable full o’ horses an’ listed horse racing as one o’ er hobbies….An’ me? I was allergic to horses! An’ I still dunno how we ended up movin in together….or even got engaged!


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