Blue Sky tag

I’ve been tagged again by my pal, Sithara (bloggin @ Musings of a mellow mind). As Elvis would say-

Have a fantastic summer, btw

Unlike exams, this is somethin I always look forward to answerin! 😋 Anyway, ere are the 11 questions posed by my tagger:
1)How long has it been since you started blogging?
2)What is the best thing you like about blogging?
3)Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset?
4) The stars or the moon?
5) Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?
6) Are you an introvert or extrovert?
7) What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
8) Do you or would you ever read fan fiction?
9) What is your favorite social networking site?
10) Do you have siblings? If not, who would you prefer to have, a brother or a sister?
11) What is/was your favorite subject at school?

Ere are my 11 answers:
1) I’ve lost track o’ time, but I’d say it’s been 2 or 3 years since I started this blog.
2) The best thing bout bloggin is that I get the opportunity to share my writin with people from around the world. I’d never thought anyone would read my stories an’ ere ya are, all o’ ya goofballs readin an’ likin an’ I’m ever so grateful to all o’ y’all:D I’d like to give ya all big hugs for encouraging me, so ere’s a lil somethin for each one o’ y’all:


3) Sunset. Cuz once that baby sets, it’s nighttime, DW rerun time on FX, dinnertime an’ then of course, my fav- bedtime! 😁
4) The stars. I could watch those babies twinkle all night long an’ hope they don’t go out (sorry. It’s a Whovian’s dilemma):


5) Read the book. Since they leave out a lotta important an’ fun stuff in the movies at times or end up ruining the story altogether.
6) An ambivert.
7) I found an empty notebook to write in an’ it ignited my passion for writing and occasionally ,doodling.
8) I love to read fanfiction. My wattpad library’s full o’ it, btw.
9) At the moment , I’m only on Google+ an’ it’s pretty much my fav cuz it’s got a lotta fan clubs an’ stuff.
10) I’ve two brothers. Would prefer an identical twin sis though😎
11) English and psychology.

Paging the next 11 people:
1) prathyusha p rao
2) phlegmaticdude
3) Thatgirl4everblog
4) Frank Solanki
5) yaskhan
6) Simon An Accidental Anarchist
7)Miguel Olmedo Morell
10) Esther (Thoughts9367)

Below are your very own 11 questions to answer👇
Alright ,are we sittin comfortably? Let’s begin! :
1) Songs that are stuck in your head at the moment?
2) D’you prefer writing online or the ol fashioned way (paper an’ ink)?
3) Fav holiday destination?
4) What is the most amazing dream you ever had?
5) Fav horror movie?
6) Most horrible thing you’ve ever eaten/ drank/ tasted?
7) Scariest thing you ever seen?
8) If you could delete one thing from the world, what would it be?
9)  Most idiotic thing you’ve ever done?
10) Fav thing to do when you’re not busy?
11) Fav author?

       *Till we meet again, comrades*


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