A/N: Uh-oh! Is it the end o’ their affair?
He smiled as he watched his young new manager fast asleep on the couch. They’d been half way around the Highlands an’ it’d taken a toll on both of em. More on her than him! Even though he was the one who went up on stage and strummed till his fingers bled just to hear that sweet sound of applause from his million fans, but she had the most difficult task- getting him on stage! He’d been sulking the whole tour long and had been giving her a hard time, refusing to leave his trailer. He just felt unmotivated without Sylvia and he hated being away from her for such a long time. Meanwhile, Ina hated dealing with the restless crowd. She’d fallen fast asleep as soon as her head hit the couch cushion. Seeing her shiver a bit, he picked up a blanket from his bed before draping it over her. He lit a cigarette to keep himself warm, before deciding to call her. “Hey, sorry for callin ya so late. Did I wake ya? ” he asked, hearing her drowsy voice on the other end. “Nah.  Just watchin some borin show on Netflix.” she replied. “What’re ya wearin? ” he asked saucily, starting early with the dirty talk! “What’re ya wearin? ” the equally seductive Sylvia asked without replying to his question, deciding that two could play this game! “I’m nude! ” he lied, with a grin. “Oh! Well, I’m… the opposite….wearin PJs! ” she exclaimed, letting out a chuckle on hearing him cuss in disappointment. “Who’re ya talkin to? Yer mystery man? ” he heard a suspicious Tom interrupt. “Mystery man….who? It was….uh…Just, uh….my friend Stella, love.” he heard her whisper. “It’s late. Get yer arse in bed, eh? ” he heard him order in a rude manner, before the phone went dead. He decided to call her again a few minutes later, hoping she had decided to rebel against the rude bastard and stayed up. His expectations were met with disappointment, as he picked up. “Listen, whoever ya are, you’d better stop contactin my wife….or I’m gonna hunt ya down, ya hear?! ” Tom threatened, not recognizing his voice, but still furious on hearing it, realizing his wife had lied to him.


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