A/N: Thanx all u sweet people who read and liked. Bet y’all were waitin for a back story to The Scottish Fetish’s an’ Mrs. Fletcher’s relationship. You’ll find out about the start o’ their affair in this chapter. Hope y’all like readin it:):
“Ya know ya could stick around, Mrs. Fletcher….for once.” Ina suggested, patting at the empty space next to her on the couch on the bus. “At least for a beer. He won’t notice if we raid his mini fridge.” she offered, noticing Sylvia’s hesitant expression. “Fine. But I’m not sittin there. We did it a lot…..on that couch.” she muttered, instead sitting on the chair next to it. Ina scrunched up her face in disgust, before quickly wiping her hand with her hanky!
” I know that look. An’ I’m not tellin ya a thing, kay? ” Sylvia read her mind, before taking a sip of chilled beer. “What d’you mean? ” Ina asked, shooting her a confused look, as if denying whatever it was that Sylvia thought was on her mind. “Yer obviously thinkin about askin me personal stuff, how he an’ I met, what’s the nature o’ our relationship an’ what not. You’ll print it all in yer tabloid or yer magazine an’ that’ll be the end o’ his career….An’ my husband’s too. I’m not tellin ya a thing. Luke’s worked too hard, for me to go ahead an’ ruin everythin! I don’t feel comfortable about it.” she refused to talk. “Don’t worry. I won’t print it. I give ya my word, Mrs. Fletcher. I just wanted to know when all this started, ya know? I’m just curious.” Ina promised. “I’m not sayin anythin, unless ya put that dictaphone away.” a careful Sylvia ordered, spotting the dictaphone she’d clutched in her hand. She watched closely as the young journo put it aside and began her story:
Even from his perch at the bar opposite the hotel, Luke obviously could see my bored face as I accompanied that boastful man across the lawns , meetin and greetin all his posh friends! He rambled on obviously about business stuff, while I just hung around as mere arm candy, smiling that polite, sweet smile o’ mine. He could never bear to see me bein bored to death, so after finishing his cocktail, he snuck into the posh party. He found me all alone. Tom was busy indulged in business talk with some ol codgers. They later headed off to the nearby golf course. “So, ya wanna get outta ere? ” he asked. I was surprised on seein him, but tempted by his offer. I was even more surprised when he grabbed me by the hand an’ we began to run. We stopped only till we reached the beach. “Luke…” I uttered, in disbelief on seeing me. “I was doin a show…” he explained, once I was done panting. “…An’ also rescuin bored women! ” he joked. I let out a laugh. “I missed ya! ” I whispered, taking him by surprise as I hugged him and buried my face into his jacket to cry. ” The only woman I know who laughs at my jokes, however lame they are! An’ right now, she’s crying in my arms.” I heard im mutter. He lifted my chin up to face him, before wiping my tearful eyes, muttering how beautiful I looked in the glistening moonlight. After I’d calmed down, we walked down the beach, exchanging insulting stories about my, well according to him, my twat o’ a husband. “He hasn’t changed a bit, ya know? He’s still that boastful jerk. D’you know some o’ his business associates challenged im to a game o’ golf tonight…An’ he actually accepted! Imagine that…playin golf in the dark! ” I recounted, with a nod of disbelief. “Aye! They’ll be searchin for that ball all night! ” he quipped. “That means…we’ll have the rest o’ the night to ourselves, Luke. Just you an’ me…” I whispered seductively, raising myself on my tiptoes and planting a kiss on the corner o’ his mouth. “Sylvie, I…” he began to speak, hesitantly. “We haven’t had an intimate moment together in years, Luke. D’you know what he was doin on our weddin night?” I interrupted him. “I can guess it wasn’t makin love to ya? ” he replied, without a clue. “He was negotiatin with some businessmen from Japan o’er the phone.” I revealed, my eyes revealed anger at the memory. He burst into uncontrollable laughter. I shot daggers at him. “I’m sorry….I just can’t wrap my head around….seriously?!” he exclaimed in disbelief. He stopped laughing on noticing my hurt look. “I’m sorry. It’s just that….fools who choose work o’er the love o’ a beautiful woman deserve to be laughed at.” He whispered apologetically, before pulling me closer and planting a passionate kiss on my lips. I didn’t pull away and instead deepened the kiss.
“Oh, gosh! Look at the time! I’ve gotta get goin!” Sylvia exclaimed ( jumping up like Cinderella once the clock had struck midnight!) once she’d finished her story, to an engrossed Ina’s disappointment. “You’d better keep yer word!” she made Ina promise again, before leaving hurriedly. “Yer welcome for the beer, by the way! ” Ina called out behind her. Mum was right- Rich folks did lack manners! Ina thought to herself, seeing the millionaire’s wife leave without thanking her for the beer.


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