Dedicated to b’day boy, David Tennant💙🎂 May he keep blowin my mind with his talent!
Song choice: Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart.
His face lit up on seeing her. She was still in her jammies, had dark circles under her eyes, was sans make up and her gorgeous locks were ruffled and covered in snowflakes (that were being showered on them by the numerous snow cannons placed on the roof and trees), but she still managed to look beautiful, especially in the moonlight, and Ina felt herself grow hot with jealousy on observing her beauty! “We should get goin. He’s
pissed as a newt an’ not in his senses, right now. S..sorry for wakin ya, Mrs. Fletcher.” she apologized. “Pissed as a newt, am I? Well, how am I still able to pull this off, then?! ” he asked, before pulling Sylvia close to him. She was taken aback, as was Ina, as he slowly leant in towards her, till they were face to face. She gripped his jacket collar, surprised by his sudden gesture. The women waited with bated breath to see what he was up to. Have I told ya lately that I love ya? Have I told ya there’s no-one else above ya? Ina watched in speechless wonder, as the romantic rock star began to serenade a wide eyed Sylvia who loosened her grip on his collar as he began to sing and unconsciously lowered her cold palms to his warm chest, while he wrapped his arms around her waist and tenderly pulled her closer. Feel my heart with gladness! Take away all my…. he continued, as Sylvia smiled on amusingly, forgetting all about her husband and the consequences there’d be if he caught them. Sadness? she completed , playing along on realizing he’d forgotten the lyrics. Ease my troubles, that’s what ya do! he finished, before passing out, toppling her in the process. “An’ down we go! Oof! ” she exclaimed, finding it hard to control her laughter, as an embarrassed Ina helped to pull him off her. “Mind givin me a hand with drunk Rod Stewart ere? ” Ina asked, struggling to hold the unconscious man up all by herself. “Let’s get im back to the bus before anyone sees us.” Sylvia offered, shaking artificial snow outta her hair, before putting one of his limp arms around her neck. He groaned as they dragged him back to the park. “For a skinny boy, he’s pretty heavy! ” an observant Ina complained , while Sylvia chuckled at her observation.


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