“This was a bad day to wear a sleeveless dress. How come it’s freezing ere? What’s he got…Like, outdoor air conditioning or somethin?! ” a shivering Ina exclaimed in disbelief, as she walked and he staggered across the snow covered driveway leading to the apartment. It was late at night and the lights in the Fletchers’ window were switched off. The couple had gone to bed. And so had the guards ,Ina presumed since they were nowhere to be seen- A good sign. At least they wouldn’t be tackled to the ground by muscular men for trespassing on the posh property! “Well, with the dough he’s got, I’m sure he can afford all the latest tech. D’you know he launched his very own socket from Cape Cadaver last gear? ” he replied, drunkenly mixing up his words. “D’you mean to say- He launched his very own rocket from Cape Canaveral last year? ” she corrected, scrunching up her face to make sense of what he meant. “Aye! That’s what I said, didn’t I? ” he argued, impatiently. “Great. I’m now in charge o’ deciphering drunk talk! ” she muttered, sarcastically. “What d’you intend to do now? ” she asked, hesitantly. “I figured I’d write my name in the snow, perhaps leave behind a few cuss words for Mr. Fletcher! ” he replied. “Ugh,no! Hold it in! What’s it with ya an’ pissin on people’s properties?! ” she thwarted his plan, stopping him before he could reach for his zipper! “Relax…I’m joshin around! ” he snickered, wickedly. She heaved a sigh of relief, before noticing him pick up a heap of snow and roll it into a large snow ball. He threw it with all his might at the window of their apartment. “What’re ya tryin to get their attention?! Don’t….! ” she tried to stop him from throwing anymore snowballs, but in vain. He was already on his third snowball when the light came on. She watched in horror as Mrs. Fletcher’s drowsy face peeked out at them! “Oh my god! Luke, what’re ya doin ere?! ” she exclaimed. “C’mon down an’ I’ll show ya! ” he replied, with a toothy grin. She came downstairs, reluctantly and after a lotta insistence from him.


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