Oh, cool beans! I’ve been tagged by Sithara (check out her awesome blog- Musings of a mellow mind). So, to my nominator, I’d like to say:


Anyway, since there’s no DW rerun on telly yet and I’m free all day and I love answering questions, here I go! :

1) When did you first start writing?
– I started out writing in high school to overcome boredom during free periods. While everyone else tossed paper planes at the class monitor, I used that paper to write my comics or my stories on. The first story I ever wrote was one about superhero siblings titled The Weirdoville Treasurez.
2) Have you ever written a story with a friend?
– No. I like to write alone. I’m afraid we might end up having a ‘creativity clash of sorts’. For now, my imagination is the only friend I’d like to have around while I write.
3) What genre do you write in?
– Romance and sci-fi. I’d love to write a scary story that’ll scare the bejesus outta my readers someday, but I suck at the horror genre!
4) Who or what motivates you to write?
– My classmates and my readers on Wattpad and WordPress, since they’ve always read and loved everything I’ve written- from my comics to my stories, they’ve always encouraged me and made me believe in my writing abilities. So thanks a lot for reading, voting/liking, commenting and allowing me to share my stories with y’all💙
5) Do you write poetry?
– I do. I remember the very first poem I wrote was about a proud peacock and a crow during English period in first grade and my beloved English teacher had it published in the school magazine. Made my day! 🙂
6) Have you always been interested in writing?
– Yup! Ever since I was a child, I loved to make up stories and write em down…. An’ then, enact those stories using my dolls as ‘actors’ (she revealed, embarrassingly) I’ve always dreamt of having my stories made into movies or telly shows someday and never wanna stop writing😁
7) How do you write your stories? (First person, third person)
– Mostly, third person. The only stories I’ve written in first person are my Barty Crouch Jr fanfics (written from the POV of the main character and some o’ my original characters)
8) Why do you like writing?
– Cuz it’s awesome and relaxing and transports me to a world o’ my own and let’s me express my creativity….I could go on!
Alright, I’ve to go eat lunch, watch a DW rerun and since my fingers are gettin tired from tapping away at my phone keyboard, I hand it o’er to the next 5 nominees:
1) prathyusha p rao
2) phlegmaticdude
3) Thatgirl4everblog
4) Frank Solanki
5) yaskhan
The rules are:
1) Thank your nominator (that’s me, btw.)
2) Answer at least 8 questions about writing
3) Nominate at least 5 people
That’s about it, cheerio! 😎



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