“Well done, my boy! We’ve already sold more copies than that bloody tabloid, The Scottish Mirror. ” a beaming Jack exclaimed, proudly patting his new favorite, Bob, on the back. Everyone applauded at that. Everyone, except a jealous Ina who fumed! “An’ ya madam? What’ve ya got for us today, lass? Oh! I see….Empty handed again! ” uncle Jack rebuked his niece, while Bob put on a wicked grin. “Bob’s struck gold with this story about this mysterious woman in The Scottish Fetish’s life.” Uncle Jack praised. “Ya mean, a mysterious groupie? ” Ina corrected, trying to keep his secret under wraps. “According to his manager, who by the way quit last night, she’s someone from his past, an old lover. He wouldn’t say who though…even after all my prodding! ” a braggy Bob explained. ” Apparently, they were seen canoodling…in public! Though, no-one caught a glimpse o’ this mysterious woman’s face. Bob, I want ya to find out who she is. ” uncle Jack greedily demanded for more fodder for his beloved magazine. “I’ll do it, uncle! Gimme a chance to redeem myself an’ yer magazine….please! I promise I’ll find out everythin about er.” she pleaded, afraid about losing her job and also about her rival finding out about the respected Mrs. Fletcher’s affair with a shameless rock star and then revealing it to the world. She pleaded with those famed puppy eyes that she knew her dear uncle found hard to resist! “Fine. An’ how d’you intend on doin that, eh? ” her defeated uncle asked, finally agreeing. “Simple. He’ll be goin off on tour soon. I’ll just go with im as someone who he confides in the most.” she explained her plan. “Who? ” a confused uncle Jack asked. “As his manager, of course! I just need a fake badge an’ someone to talk my mum into lettin me go! ” his smart niece replied. “Uhm….Makin a fake badge is child’s play. It’s talkin to yer mum that scares me! Ere’s hopin she doesn’t bite me head off! ” he gulped. She flashed a wicked grin of her own at Bob, who’d already begun to think of doing a lil investigation on his own.


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