“Really, lass, yer gonna gimme a heart attack, I swear! Yer s’possed to be bringin in the hot news….diggin up his secrets. I mean, look at the stuff that’s bein printed in the tabloids. It’s gold! An’ ya know where ya find such gold? Yer s’possed to dig deep, yer s’possed to take risks an’ yer s’possed to rummage through and air that dirty laundry, ya hear?! All ya bring in is all this ol news! ” her disappointed uncle reprimanded her, tossing her notepad frustratingly on the desk. “Uncle, what d’you expect me to do? He’s really uncomfortable about discussing his past.” she replied, calmly placing her treasured notepad back in her bag. “Follow im around. Annoy im into submission. Why’re ya even still ere? ” he asked, impatiently. “What d’you mean? Where should I be? ” a clueless Ina asked. “At his autograph signings, of course! I thought ya were a bloody fangirl! You’ve gotta start takin this job seriously, lass! ” he scolded. “Right, yes. I almost forgot about that! ” she exclaimed nervously, embarrassed as she’d forgotten such an important event. “Well, go on then! Before Bob o’er there beats ya to it!” he ordered. “No! Not that competitive cockroach! ” she cried out dramatically, realizing that her rival Robert Smith had already made it to the elevator with his notepad and was flashing her a wicked grin.
Meanwhile at the autograph signings at a bustling amphitheatre:
His face lit up on seeing her beautiful face among the crowd of crazy fans. He left halfway through the event, paying no attention to Mick’s frustrated cries. “I’m so happy to see ya! Ya won’t believe the amount o’ flashers ere! My arms are weary just from signing chests! ” he complained, taking her in his arms and twirling her around romantically, far from prying eyes in a quiet corner of the venue. “Not too weary, I hope! ” she whispered, smiling seductively as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Ooh…ya naughty girl! ” he teased, before he began to suck on her neck. She moaned with pleasure at the feel of his soft lips. “Not ere.” she exclaimed, snapping back to reality on noticing the presence of paparazzi. “Yer right. I know just the place. Allonsy, m’lady! ” he exclaimed, pulling her outside. “I’m surprised ya still remember that one French word I taught ya back in high school! ” an impressed Sylvia exclaimed, as the couple hired a cab, deciding to check into a hotel for some privacy.


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