“I’ll be sure to compensate ya for yer phone, young lady.” an apologetic Mick offered. “Don’t bother! It wasn’t mine anyway. I don’t have one. I borrowed it from Troy.” the carefree girl revealed, hopping off the bus. “Right… Well, whoever this Troy is, I’ll compensate im as well.” Mick offered kindly, following her off the bus. “Troy’s this unemployed jerk who prides imself on being my step dad….though he’s only my mum’s latest boyfriend….An’ I’m absolutely sure that he’s not intent on marrying er.” she rambled on, as Mick listened intently. “Hope I don’t have to wait long. It’s hot out ere! ” she exclaimed, deciding to change the topic as she bravely leant against the side of the heated bus and fanned herself with the notepad. “I’ll call im.” Mick declared, hurrying back inside to wake him up. “Next time, try not to knock o’er the shelf housin yer precious vinyl collection during yer shenanigans with Mrs. Fletcher, please. Me back’s sore just from liftin the heavy thing! ” Mick complained, handing the bare chested rock star a shirt as he lazily rolled out of bed . “What a coincidence! My back’s sore too…..cuz o’ an entirely different reason though! ” he joked with a saucy grin, putting on the shirt but not bothering to button up. “What? It’s hot out ere! ” he defended his choice, as the blushing journalist couldn’t help staring at his bare chest as he stepped out of the bus. Hullo, Mr. Sex-on-a-stick! she thought to herself and giggled at her own little nickname for him. “Sweltering Scottish summer! ” he muttered, shielding his eyes against the blinding sunlight. “Ooh! That sounds like a brilliant name for my next heavy metal album, eh, Mick? Write that down, wontcha? ” he exclaimed, grinning proudly as if he’d discovered something great! “I love spending time indoors during hot days like these….if ya know what I mean! ” he continued, before winking saucily. “D’you ever tire o’ double entendres? ” Mick asked, rolling his eyes at him. “I dunno…D’you ever tire o’ me? ” the cheeky rock star enquired jokingly, letting out a childlike laugh, as he elicited another eye-roll from his uncomfortable manager who didn’t seem amused by all his saucy talk.


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