He’d put on his favorite Led Zeppelin tee now and was dusting off his rock albums and listening to Hendrix like he did every evening, when he heard voices outside the bus. “Hey, Mick! I need to see im. Is he in? ” he smiled on hearing her ask. “Oh….yer back again, eh? Yea, he’s in. Ya know, ya really need to see someone else about whatever’s up with yer marriage…like a counselor.” he frowned on hearing his nosy manager reply. “Who said anything was wrong with my marriage?! ” she snapped. “Oi! Don’t mind im. C’mon in! ” he invited her, pushing the door open and shooting daggers at Mick . “Luke, it’s so good to see ya again! ” she exclaimed, stepping in as he closed the door behind them. “We’ve got till midnight. He’ll be out late tonight too.” she whispered seductively, wrapping her arms around the rock star. She didn’t waste time, pressing against him as they kissed passionately. He caressed her hair with one hand and unzipped her designer dress with the other, while she pulled off his tee and tossed it on the floor. They continued to make out as they made their way into his bedroom aboard the bus, slamming the door behind them.

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