A/N: This’ll be my last blog post…
Gotcha!;) Just the last chapter o’ this story. Thanx a lot for readin😄 Song choice for this chapter: Life with you by The Proclaimers:

“D’you like ’em? They’re a Proclaimers cover band! ” I bragged, excitedly. “That’s what u were doing while I went dress-shopping? ” Lavender asked. “How much more Scottish can ya get?! ” Alex exclaimed,rolling her eyes at my choice o’ wedding bands. “I prefer Celine Dion.” Norman muttered. “Sorry, we’re not billionaires! They’re all I could afford an’ they’re pretty good too! ” I assured, overhearing him. “Alex, thanks for convincing ur parents & inviting ’em over! ” Lavender thanked, spotting my parents sitting in a corner. “No biggie! Those ol’-timers had to get out someday! ” she exclaimed, rather proudly. “Ok. Will the happy couple come onto the dance floor now? & for their first dance, we’re gonna play an all-time favorite, Life with you! ” one o’ the band members announced, as we made our way onto the dance floor, hand-in-hand.

The end 💞

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