Song choice for this chapter: Let’s get married by The Proclaimers:

“C’mon in.” Lavender exclaimed,hearing a knock on her office door. “Oh! It’s u. What d’you want? ” she asked, glaring at Alex who walked in & made herself comfy on the couch. “Just came o’er to apologize…Oh! My God! Am I speakin’ in a Scottish accent?! I think u’ve broken me too,lass! ” she replied,joking to lighten Lavender’s foul mood. “Get out! I’ve an appointment with Tim Rogers & u’re wasting my time here! ” an impatient Lavender cried out,showing her the door. “Oh,u mean ur 10 yr.old patient,little Timmy? I met him outside & paid him to move along. So, now, we’ve got a lotta time to waste! ” Alex revealed, grinning as she settled back onto the couch, refusing to budge till her apology was heard & accepted. “U did what?! I’ll lose my job! ” Lavender cried out. “Yes! Then,u can move back in with us & return to ur job at Cam’s office! ” Alex exclaimed, excitedly. “No! I love my job as a counselor. Now, if u’ll excuse me, I’ve patients waiting.” She declared. “Today, I’m ur only patient. So, go ahead…psychoanalyse me or whatever! ” Alex urged, resting her feet on the table in front of her. “U’ve gotta be kidding me! I only treat kids, u crazy woman! ” she refused. “That’s it! Let it all out! ” my crazy sister urged further. “U are rude, demanding & evil! I’m sorry if that hurts u, but it’s the truth! ” Lavender yelled. “I’m sorry for hurting u too! All this time, u were just trying to make me realize all that, so I could change myself. & I’ll try to from now on…..if u come back home! ” Alex promised, jumping up. Lavender thought for awhile before making her decision.
Lavender?! I…” I began to speak,opening the front door. “I’m never leaving again! ” she interrupted me with a kiss. I loved the feel o’ her hands ruffling up my already messy hair. “Keep the stubble.” she whispered, pointing to my unshaven chin. I smiled at Alex, who winked at me. “Oh! One more thing. Let’s get married!” she reminded.


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