Back home, I was shocked to find myself in the midst o’ a battlefield! “What’s happened here? ” I cried out, as a usually calm Lavender yelled at Alex about somethin’ bein’ her fault (??) “Why don’t u ask ur sister? ” she demanded. “Alex,what did u do? & why does Norm look so depressed? ” I asked. “They cancelled my show.” a downcast Norman,who was sitting on the couch an’ staring at the floor,lamented. “How?! Why?! ” I cried out,in disbelief. “She burnt down the set & made it look like Norm’s fault! ” Lavender accused Alex. ” How in the world did u manage to do that?! ” I asked Alex,fed up with her antics. “My boyfriend, the fireman befriended a few arsonists! ” she whispered into my ear & grinned. “Maybe she wouldn’t do such stuff if u’d been a stricter guardian…or even showed up today! ” Lavender blamed me. “Oh! So,now it’s my fault?! What’s the point in getting married if u can’t handle one rowdy sibling?! How’re ya gonna handle our kids in the future?! ” I screamed,unknowingly losing my temper. ” D’you expect me to be ur sister’s handler my whole life?! ” she screamed back at me. “U know what? Screw this!! ” she finally gave me a piece o’ her mind, handing back the engagement ring! She was tearful as she packed her stuff & left for her place. She quit her job as secretary & got back her old job as school counselor. I continued to be lonely & kept calling her to come back.
“C’mon back,love! I’m sorry for yelling at ya. I dunno what came o’er me.” I apologized,knocking on her door one day. “It’s not ur fault,Campy. It’s ur horrid sister! U told me u wanted me to be comfortable in ur home,remember? But,how can I ,when I don’t even feel at home there?! ” she lamented. “I know,u can’t drive her away, & I’m not askin’ u to, so don’t get any ideas! But,could u at least talk to her for me? ” she pleaded. “I’ll do my best.” I promised,before leaving.


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