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“Oh! U’re gettin’ married?! Can I be a bridesmaid? ” Alex (Yes, my evil sister Alex! ) asked, staring at the ring on Lavender’s finger. “Wow! I can’t believe u’re taking this news well! ” a stunned Lavender exclaimed. “I meant- Ugh! U’re getting married?! If u couldn’t tell,I was being sarcastic! ” the original , evil Alex snapped,tossing her hand aside & glaring at her ring in disgust. “Can’t u just be happy for me for once? ” I asked,rolling my eyes at her. “Well,I’ve got good news too,guys! I’m getting my own show on Science Network! I’ll be demonstrating my latest inventions & interviewing fellow science enthusiasts on tv! ” Norman boasted proudly,interrupting my proud moment! “Norm,that’s awesome! But,how…? ” I asked,too stunned to believe him. “I’ve contacts in the movie industry! Let’s just say that a certain producer had a 10 yr.old son with issues that I helped resolve! ” Lavender boasted. “I start shooting for it next week! ” an enthusiastic Norman exclaimed. A jealous Alex (who had big dreams o’ becomin’ a Hollywood star!) sulked.


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