“Wow! No one’s ever stood up to my dad like that…or even got Norman to open up! ” I exclaimed in wonder. So,here we were, just the 2 o’ us, tucking into a meal at our in NYC. “Well,I used to be a school counselor before I quit my job to be closer to u,remember? ” she reminded,tucking into her pasta. “Yeah…well,I’m glad to be back! Believe me,I’ve got nothing against my beloved Scotland,it’s just that I prefer American weather! ” I revealed,sipping my red wine & licking my lips. “Yeah,we froze our butts off & then, ur dad yelled my ear off! ” she chuckled, before staring at my open palm resting on the table. The shiny object that I held caught her attention. “Is that a….Are u….?”she started to ask in amazement. “Lavender June Slade….Will U marry me? ” I asked, on my knees an’ grinning up at her. “Yes! Oh,my god! I can’t believe it! Yes, I will marry u!! ” she replied,tears streaming down her cheeks.


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